Game Producer Quest, Part 06

So I have a first generation Nintendo 3DS, which I’ve talked about before at length.  I fail to recall if I mentioned it, but I really dislike the analog nub.  It’s a bit stiff in my opinion, and simply doesn’t give the same amount of control as an analog stick does.  Case in point, in Star Fox 64 on the old school Nintendo 64, I could make the most narrow, precise flight maneuvers to escape enemy fire.  For the remake on the Nintendo 3DS, I smash into everything in sight.  It’s strange on my fond memories of that game are somewhat…tainted is not the right word, but I’ll go with that word.  The remake in and of itself is perfectly fine; but the controller is not.  Perhaps this is addressed in the XL hardware refresh, but then again…

Also, it has occurred to me that I could be the only one with this issue (i.e. maybe it’s just me).  C’est la vie.

Speaking of my Nintendo 3DS, ever since I moved back into my parents home, I have been unable to connect to their wireless network.  I have tried every security setting the 3DS has, and have gone so far as to place the 3DS right next to the router; no dice.  Since my XBox 360, laptop, PC, parent’s iPad, parent’s Roku device, Dad’s PC, and brand-spanking-new Kindle Paperwhite has no such issues connecting, I will blame the 3DS on this one.  It baffles me; I simply cannot think of any reason why it couldn’t connect, but as I’ve said, I’ve tried every security setting the 3DS offers, including no security, and nothing works.  I actually updated the device at a free wireless network at a doctor’s office.  Insane!