Some Streams of Consciousness on The Flash, Season 1, Episode 6

It’s Flash Time!

  • Whoa! Switch up in the opening narration. Iris is speaking, not Barry, with her take on ‘you need to believe in the impossible’ spiel from the pilot episode.
  • The Flash can speed-read! I wish I could do that! It’d make my life so much easier.
  • Strike two on the Flash trying to convince Iris to quit reporting on him.
  • Joe shoots at a meta-human, and sees his bullets bouncing off him; thinking this will lead to something bad.
  • Joe saves Detective Pretty Boy’s life; he owes him…I lost count.
  • Flash vs. Colossus! (Or a metahuman that can turn himself into metal…yeah, pretty much like Colossus, on a smaller budget, of course.) Colossus wins! Flawless victory!
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed making a ‘Man of Steel’ joke.
  • Just noticed that Jaime Paglia co-wrote this episode; this guy co-created Eureka, which is a show worth checking out.
  • Tony Woodward is the name of the Colossus metahuman…who bullied Barry when he was a kid, revealed in a Flashback. Great, a childhood bully episode.
  • Joe talks to Barry about the bullets ‘sparking’ off of Colossus. Barry tries to convince him it’s body armor.
  • Joe visits Dr. Ed-from-Ed at Star Labs for help on the murder of Barry’s mom’s case.
  • Cisco comes up with a fighting robot called Girder. Barry dislocates his shoulder training. D’OH!
  • Detective Pretty Boy calls Barry to check out the abandoned Hummer.
  • Flashback, Joe trains kid Barry in boxing. He also lets Barry know it’s okay to run away.
  • Back to the present; going to check out Keystone brewery as they find barrels at the hummer.
  • Joe talks it out with Dr. Ed-from-Ed, thinking seeing Barry’s superspeed sounds like what kid Barry described when his mom was killed. But Dr. Ed-from-Ed thinks it unlikely someone with superspeed existed 14 years ago.
  • Someone tries to run while Joe and Detective Pretty Boy give chase.
  • Guy that runs gives exposition on how Tony was fired years ago, and fell in an accident, coincidentally when the particle accelerator went kaboom. Obviously, he got better.
  • Colossus visits Iris at where she works. Hits on her…while there’s an alert on TV for Colossus, who leaves.
  • Iris leaves a message for the Flash on her blog…is that smart? She confirms what Cisco and Caitlin were thinking earlier; he’s hiding out at an abandoned iron factory.
  • Flash runs to the factory, rather pissed off that Iris is now in danger.
  • The Flash vs. Colossus, round 2!
  • Colossus shoves shelves on top of the Flash…
  • Well, that was a short, uneventful fight…kinda reminds me of the fights from Smallville; rather lacking in excitement. Even the old Incredible Hulk TV shows had more exciting fights, and all the Hulk ever did was throw people around. He never punched anything.
  • Cisco and Caitlin to the rescue!
  • Back at Star Labs, Dr. Ed-from-Ed is not happy.
  • Barry reveals he feels powerless, just like when Tony bullied him as a kid.
  • Cisco lets Barry know that if he can hit him at Mach 1.1 and the right angle, he can win! Barry apparently needs a head start of 5.3 miles to pull this trick off.
  • Joe checks in on Barry to make sure he’s okay.
  • Detective Pretty Boy wants to let off some steam, so him and Barry go train on the heavy bag. Apparently, Detective Pretty Boy was bullied as a kid too, and gives Barry some pointers. Barry punches a hole in the heavy bag. Yay?
  • Joe and Dr. Ed-from-Ed meet at a bar. Joe has an ‘impossible’ theory, another particle accelerator was around 14 years ago. Apparently, Dr. Ed-from-Ed opened Star Labs 14 years ago, a month after Barry’s mom was killed.
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed seems annoyed, but gives him a lead; Tess Morgan!
  • Colossus visits Iris at her home; knocks out (or kills, not sure) her police detail.
  • Barry is still undergoing his boxing training with Detective Pretty Boy.
  • Iris has been kidnapped! Duh duh Duuuh!
  • Colossus takes Iris back to…high school? Middle school? He wants her to blog about him, not ‘the Streak’
  • Oh, he took her to their Elementary School…and after Iris pulls the alarm, they stick around.
  • The Flash shows up! The Flash vs. Colossus, round 3!
  • Flash pulls off his supersonic Mach 1 Falcon punch
  • Or, if you prefer:
  • But Iris gets the knockout blow while Colossus is powered down…how did Colossus know to go into metal form? We see him in his human form, he hears what sounds like thunder, and goes into metal form, but wouldn’t the Flash have been fast enough to hit him before he could possibly do that?
  • Probably over-thinking it. It’ s a superhero show.
  • Colossus now trapped in Star Labs…and Barry reveals his secret identity to him! This will be a very bad decision in the future.
  • Joe visits Dr. Ed-from-Ed to make amends; he looked up Tess Morgan, and is sorry for Wells loss. Joe is hoping for Wells help in the future.
  • Barry visits Iris at her work to check up on her. They both apologize! And ‘in a flash,’ Barry gives Iris the idea to name the streak The Flash.
  • Joe at home working late on Barry’s Dad’s case. Yellow streak shows up, steals all of the case file evidence, and leaves a message: Stop or else, with a knife on Iris’s picture. Duh duh duuuh!

Some Streams of Consciousness on The Flash, Season 1, Episode 5

Last week, I was looking forward to watching the Flash and blogging about it, then realized that there was no episode. I was rather disapointed, so before I start watching, I’m hoping for a really good episode. It seemed that a lot of people liked the last episode, but I wasn’t too fond of it, not because the actress for Felicity Smoak didn’t do a great job or have great chemistry with the cast (she did a great job and indeed has great chemistry with the cast.) but because in my mind, it severely weakened the idea of Barry and Iris being a couple as something good.

But I digress, here we go!

  • Star Labs friends hanging out with Iris, Detective Pretty Boy (I can never remember his name) and Barry at a bar…that’s like George’s two worlds colliding theory right there. Barry’s Star Labs world (where his friends help him be a crime fighter) is colliding with his civilian life world (Iris, Detective Pretty Boy, etc.) How many episodes before everything explodes?
  • Barry discovers he can’t get drunk…stealing that from Captain America, I think.
  • Caitlin carries a blood drawing kit in her purse…things have officially become creepy.
  • Robbery in progress elsewhere; robber tosses a bag that explodes. Obviously, she’s the metahuman for the episode.
  • Flash to the rescue; he’s gonna run sideways up a building to save someone.
  • Wait, Iris arrives at the crime scene? She see’s the Flash!
  • Barry can’t find any sign of a bomb…I guess his CSI-vision is on the fritz.
  • Barry searches through filing cabinets at superspeed…I would LOVE the ability to read at superspeed. I read slowly as is…
  • Wait…the army shows up at the police station, and is taking over the investigation? Apparently, the bomber is former army.
  • Joe finds out Iris was at the crime scene and they talk about ‘the Streak!’ Great, Joe-being-mad-at-Barry scene is coming up.
  • General heading up this army contingent has bad history with Dr. Ed-from-Ed, but Team Flash find out the bomber’s address. She apparently can’t control her powers, because she touches his suit, and the Flash suit explodes. He took it off in time, of course.
  • Cisco is angry about his ‘tech’ being destroyed…but then acts like a creepy nerd when he sees a picture of her and is totally fine with it.
  • Writer’s please stop writing Cisco in this way. Please. Pretty please. I mean, seriously.
  • To be fair, she does deserve a Hello Nurse, but that’s not the point.
  • Joe shows up, and they have that scene I predicted. Barry talks to Iris; we know this will end well.
  • Ooohhh, Iris plays the ‘Why can’t you be more supportive’ card. Boom!
  • So Boom Girl is after the surgeon who performed on her; she thinks surgeon and Eiling made her a metahuman.
  • Flash arrives again…the Army happened to arrived on the scene at the same time, but to be fair, they probably figured out her motives and just camped out nearby.
  • Flash superspeeds Bomb Girl to Star Labs. She was in Central City when Star Labs went kaboom.
  • Cisco hits on her…because writing him as a socially-inept nerd is in. Quality of this show is going down a couple of notches.
  • Twist; there was a tracker on Bomb Girl when a bullet grazed her. Army comes to Star Labs.
  • General and Dr. Ed-from-Ed have a nice conversation.
  • Cisco dubs her ‘Plastique’ she has the ‘Rogue problem, where she can’t make skin-to-skin contact with anyone without blowing up.
  • Iris puts her name to her blog; Joe is not happy. Barry & Cisco play up the ‘my enemies will target her’ card.
  • The Flash (with some weird voice modulating thingie) meets up with Iris to try to discourage her blogging. I think they were going with the rooftop scene with Superman and Lois Lane (first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve)
  • Not quite as romantic, to be honest, but maybe it’s because I just can’t see them together, especially after the last episode.
  • So Iris started this whole blog thing and tracking the Flash because she wants Barry’s belief in the impossible to be validated. Touching, but not
  • Bad news at Star Labs; bomb Girl can’t be cured of her condition. Rather ominous foreshadowing with Dr. Ed-from-Ed saying the technology to help her hasn’t been invented yet.
  • Barry wants Bomb Girl to join Team Flash, but the rest of Team Flash thinks it’s a bad idea.
  • Joe and Barry meet up; Barry reveals all, the Flash meeting Iris, the reason Iris is blogging about the Flash.
  • Barry can vibrate his vocal cords to modulate his voice…pretty cool actually.
  • Joe knows Barry loves Iris and has been waiting years to tell her…
  • I know television and movies is like life at warp speed, but if I told a girl I had a thing for I love her, I’m pretty sure she’d freak out. In movies, it’s somewhat forgivable, but this is a serialized show; take the time to build the characters and relationships first.
  • I know the show is playing up that they’ve known each other forever, but still.
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed has a conversation with Plastique…and manipulates her to try and kill the General. Yes! I was annoyed we didn’t get an evil Dr. Ed-from-Ed moment last episode.
  • Plastique lures General Eiling into a trap; Flash races to the rescue, but doesn’t get there time.
  • General manages to shoot Plastique before biting the dust; she tries to tell Barry (who takes off his mask…what the heck? Does Grant Gustin have Tobey Maguire-envy?) about Dr. Ed-from-Ed’s manipulation.
  • That’s a reference to how in the first Spider-Man trilogy, Peter Parker would have has mask off ALL THE TIME!
  • I get that actors are taught to act with their face, but you’re playing a superhero that wears a mask, so leave the mask on when you’re in uniform! Especially in public! At this point, I’m having a hard time believing that no one knows your “secret” identity.
  • Her body is going to go ka-boom.
  • Barry’s plan; run on water. Team Flash calculates that he has to maintain a velocity of 650 mph to run on water. Neil Degrasse Tyson, assuming for a moment that it’s safe for any creature to move this quickly (it’s not,) is this accurate?
  • Flash runs on water, dumps the body and speeds away, before she goes kaboom.
  • Flash manages to escape the explosion…and takes off his mask yet again before we cut to commercial.
  • General Eiling lives! The explosion is being sold as the military conducting a test. Convenient!
  • Ooohhh, more foreshadowing, with Dr. Ed-from-Ed saying powerful men have a way of avoiding consequences.
  • Barry talks to Iris, trying to get her to quit her blogging by playing the friend dying card. Doesn’t work. He tries to convince her that he’s put the death of his mother behind him. Doesn’t work. Iris knows there’s something Barry isn’t telling her. D’OH!
  • Iris is now gung-ho about the world knowing about the Flash for some reason…
  • Barry is thinking it’s better they don’t see each other for awhile. No, this is good! He can now get that relationship with Felicity going. It’s not like he can’t run to where she resides regularly.
  • Barry at a bar. Caitlin and Cisco show up.
  • Caitlin develop 500-proof alcohol for Barry! He was buzzed for about 10-seconds before it’s gone. Whoa!
  • Barry outro where he talks about friendships ending and how much it hurts.
  • Yes! Another Dr. Ed-from-Ed evil scene. General Eiling shows up. Eiling wants to work together, as he’s seen the Flash in action, and figures out weird stuff has become possible after the Star Labs explosion.
  • But EVIL Dr. Ed-from-Ed says no. Both try to threaten each other, bit of a stand-off ensues. General claims he figured out Dr. Ed-from-Ed’s secret before leaving.
  • Flashback to five years ago where we see Eiling and Dr. Ed-from-Ed’s partnership dissolve. We see a cage with a gorilla in it, and the name ‘Grodd’ on the cage. Wow!
  • Double Wow…I can’t believe it took me this long to realize General Eiling is being played by Clancy Brown.
  • Clancy Brown voiced Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series / Justice League / Justice League Unlimited.

On a side note, if you actually got to the end of this blog post, I must admit that I’ve been jonesing for a pizza with pepperoni, olives, and jalapenos, the pizza Joe gave Barry at the end of episode 2. I’m not even into hot food all that much, but it’s a pizza topping combination I suddenly want to try. I can’t help but think that it’d be pretty good. Interestingly enough, I’m finding a lot of pizza places don’t have jalapenos as a pizza topping. Just as interesting, I found out that the large pizza chains (Dominoes, Pizza Hut) do have jalapenos available. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that to be odd.

Some Streams of Consciousness on the End of the Naruto Manga

NOTE: While I wrote the majority of this post Monday, I couldn’t finish it up and post it until today. Ooops. My bad!

The Naruto manga, created by Masashi Kishimoto, recently ended with the 700th chapter, and I thought I’d write down my thoughts and feelings on the subject. Specifically, I think I’ll unleash my streams of consciousness on the last two chapters, as they came out today in today’s Shonen Jump (the American version.) Since the anime continues, I’m going to keep this blog post exclusively on the manga.

The Naruto manga came into my life around the same time Shonen Jump came to American shores around 2003. Its’ history can be recounted here, so there’s no need for me to recap that, other than I remember it being somewhat weird. I got a letter in the mail basically offering a subscription to Shonen Jump. I’m guessing my name / address was somehow obtained by virtue of me liking comic books, video games, anime; typical nerd stuff. Anywho, I decided to subscribe, being a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Dragonball Z, which were featured in Shonen Jump. Naruto started being featured a couple of months later, and to be perfectly honest…I ignored it.

Than one day, due to curiosity or boredom (or some combination of the two), I gave it a chance, stacking up past issues, and started to read…and I was more or less hooked from that point on. The art style was…actually, in all honesty, I initially didn’t enjoy the art style all that much. But over time, Kishimoto’s art changed a bit over time to a point where it became enjoyable for me. It’s hard to describe, because I’m not an artist (meaning I don’t draw, paint, sculpt, etc.) but if I were to describe it, his lines became more hard and defined and it added a more mature look that I appreciated. Early on, the lines were softer and the look was very…kid-friendly? I’m probably doing a poor job describing this, so I’ll quit while I’m…behind? D’OH!

Anywho, another thing Naruto has going for it is the double-edged sword of a wide-ranging cast of characters, which more or less means there’s at least one person you like and / or could relate to on some level. The flip-side is that not everyone gets an appropriate amount of screentime, and you’re not going to remember everyone. Kinda like Game of Thrones.

Eventually, the anime reached American shores as well…but I’ll save my musings on the anime when that show comes to an end. Considering there’s zero risk of catching up with the manga at this point since it ended, they should be staying away from filler episodes from this point on. Though if they continue to do filler episodes, let alone an entire season of filler episodes, which they’ve totally done before, it’ll probably end sometime after my death.

So here we go, with Chapter 699: Unison Sign

  • Since this is completely and utterly without context, I’m going to actually transcribe the translated first page right…now!
  • “Naruto is a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He’s got a wild sense of humor, but Naruto is completely serious about his mission to be the world’s greatest ninja!”
  • “Previously in Naruto: Thanks to Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi, Cell 7 is able to defeat Kaguya and seemingly put an end to the great ninja war. All that’s left is to release the world’s shinobi trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. However, Sasuke rebels against the plan and claims he will start a revolution in the ninja world. His first planned actions are to kill the previous leadership and wipe out the biju. Naruto stands up to Sasuke and the two of them battle it out until both are battered to within an inch of their lives. And at that moment, Sasuke finally gives in and admits his defeat!”
  • Further context:
    • Naruto and Sasuke are rivals / former friends, formerly on the same Ninja team, Cell 7. Sasuke forsook his friendship to seek power and vengeance, but Naruto never gave up on his friendship with Sasuke. This is tested to extreme levels considering Sasuke keeps trying to kill him and destroy the village Naruto wants to protect.
    • Sakura is madly in love with Sasuke. Considering the latter tried to kill her once, it’s…a rather unhealthy relationship. I guess it’s the equivalent of “I wish I could quit you!”
    • Biju = monsters with incredible levels of energy / power. Nine of them were bonded with people in various villages to “keep the peace.” The ones that were bonded (called ‘jinchuriki’) were often ostracized. Naruto happens to have been one of these people, but he became friends with his Biju, the nine-tailed fox.
    • The nine-tailed fox is now ‘sleeping’ inside Naruto, having given up most of his power so that he could fight Sasuke.
    • Infinite Tsukuyomi = everyone is asleep sharing the exact same illusionary dream. Rather nifty, to be honest. A virtual paradise, I suppose.
  • Context is over! You can find out more details on your own, if you wish, thanks to the mighty interwebs!
  • Japanese (and Asians by extension) are a very symbolic people, sometimes heavy-handed at times. Both Sasuke and Naruto are lying next to each other, both missing an arm. There’s a trail of blood linking the two together, and they happen to be lying on the remains of a giant statue. Specifically, the remains they lie on are two giant hands linked together in respect and friendship. Considering the title of the chapter…
  • Kakashi and Sakura show up; Sakura specializes in medical ninjitsu (think healing superpowers) and starts healing them both. The remain armless, but the bleeding is stopped. Sasuke apologizes to Sakura.
  • Kakashi (possible the best character, and my favorite of the manga / anime) is happy to see that things have returned to the way they were, with Cell 7 as friends / teammates / comrades.
  • Sasuke and Naruto dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi, freeing everyone that was trapped along with the Biju. You see this over several pages, as Naruto has a MASSIVE cast of characters. MASSIVE!
  • So back in the Village Hidden in the Trees, Kakashi becomes the new leader of the village (known at the Hokage, which is what Naruto wants to become one day.) Thanks to himself, Naruto, and the fact that he helped undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi, he’s able to convince the remaining the leadership, Sasuke is pardoned for his past crimes.
  • Sasuke decides to go on a road trip; saying he wants to see the world for himself, saying he can now see the things he’s overlooked since he’s no longer weighed down by vengeance / being obsessively emo.
  • Sakura asks to go, but Sasuke states it’s also a journey of atonement and that his crimes have nothing to do with her.
  • But he says ‘Maybe next time.’ Hope for a Sasuke / Sakura romance. Yay?
  • Not sure if people care; Sakura is kinda like the Lori Grimes of Naruto…maybe not that useless or bad, but there’s some rather hopeless traits about her. But maybe the author wanted to have a character with those types of flaws.
  • As Sasuke leaves the village, Naruto is also waiting for him. Sasuke thinks to himself that he was saved thanks to Naruto. I guess it’s too hard to actually say this to him, but I also guess the point is that the two know each other’s feelings so well, words don’t need to be spoken.
  • Naruto gives back Sasuke’s headband, which he lost when they fought for the first time when Sasuke initially defected from the village. More symbolism!
  • Sasuke’s internal monologues finally get to the point; the idea that we can claim each other’s pain and truly understand one another, and to keep enduring until it comes to be with everyone around you.

And here’s Chapter 700, in full color! Awesomesauce!

  • Fast-forward to the future, and…I’m not going to go in any order for this. We see the next generation of kids in class. Yes, these kids go to Ninja school. Seriously.
  • Naruto married Hinata (YAY!) and have a boy named Bolt.
  • Sasuke married Sakura (Yay?) and have a girl named Sarada.
  • Shikamaru married Temari and have a boy named Shikadai
  • Lee married…I have no idea who, and has a kid named…okay, they don’t reveal that one either.
  • Okay, there are a bunch of pairings that I’m sure one could find on the interwebs if he / she wanted. Moving on…
  • Kakashi retired from being Hokage, and meets up with Might Guy, who appears to be confined in a wheelchair.
  • Kakashi naturally named Naruto to be his successor. So Naruto has achieved his dream of becoming Hokage, specifically the seventh Hokage. Think of it like the 7th President, though I suppose without elections.
  • So in this village, the leadership’s faces are etched into the mountainside. Think Mount Rushmore.
  • In a callback to the first chapter, Bolt paints on the faces on the mountainside for attention.
  • In a nice nod to his peer, Bolt painted the One Piece symbol on Statue Naruto face’s giant headband.
  • Bolt is being mischievous because his dad can’t give him the attention he got previously now that he has so many more responsibilities being Hokage. Naruto tries to get Bolt to understand where he’s coming from.
  • Naruto meets with the other kage (leaders) from the other main villages to end the manga.
  • We see the nine-tailed fox (named Kurama) is still sleeping inside Naruto. It’s unclear if between this time and this time skip if Kurama ever woke up at all. He could just be taking a nap.

Final thoughts:

All good things come to an end, as the saying goes. Naruto was an enjoyable manga for me that I believe started in 1999, so that’s a decade-and-a-half for Kishimoto on this project. Manga creators can spend an enormous amount of time on their creations, and it’s nice to see that Kishimoto had the opportunity to end it the way he wanted. Oftentimes in entertainment, whether it be movies, television, that opportunity isn’t always there. Sometimes television shows end abruptly. Other times they jump the shark and overstay their welcome. Sometimes a movie franchise ends on a horrible note, but there’s no sequel that gives a satisfying conclusion.

For me personally, the Naruto manga ended at a good time, with a satisfying conclusion. On the other hand, due to all the filler episodes, the Naruto anime at times feels like it’s currently overstaying its welcome, even though I still stick with it, unless it’s a filler episode / arc, in which case I ignore it completely. But I digress; like all serialized entertainment, the manga had its bumps in the road on the way to the end, but that’s okay. That’s the way it should be, in my opinion.

I’m not sure where Kishimoto goes next but like everyone on the planet, I hope he’s happy and healthy doing what he loves and is inspired in whatever art he produces.

Wisdom I Learned From a Kid’s Show

No matter what’s in your past, you can find a new path and move forward. Don’t give up. People can change. You can transform and find a whole new self. If you can’t forgive who you are now, then become someone different. Change yourself.

– Wisdom from the final conversation between Kouta Kazuraba and Takatora Kureshima, from Kamen Rider Gaim

Some Streams of Consciousness on The Flash, Season 1, Episode 4

It’s Flash Time!

You know, kinda like ‘It’s Morphin’ Time!’ except that it’s not, and…oh, never mind.

So apparently there’s a guest star from Arrow / Green Bat Arrow Man this week. Yay?

  • Wait, that blonde with the glasses is the guest star? Yay! Hello Nurse!
  • Where are they getting this footage…oh, I forgot. Barry first appeared on Green Bat Arrow Man, before he became the Flash. Herp derp.
  • So before the accident, Barry didn’t have any other friends besides Iris? I’m…having trouble buying this. He doesn’t seem that terribly introverted, and is a super nice guy. I’m not saying he should be homecoming king, but the idea that he has no friends to hang out with is silly.
  • Multitasking at superspeed, playing chess with Dr. Ed-from-Ed, ping pong with Cisco, and Operation with Caitlin. Was it too much to ask them to play better board games, like Ticket to Ride or 7 Wonders?
  • Barry wins ping pong and Operation, but Dr. Ed-from-Ed beats Barry in chess. 2-1 ain’t bad. It’s a winning record, and will probably be better than my beloved Celtics will do this season. Oh yeah, NBA season began tonight! Woo hoo!
  • Flash tries to stop a theft, but isn’t able to capture the criminals, needing to superspeed a guard to a hospital.
  • One of the criminals has a Mr. Freeze Gun, so I’m guessing Captain Cold makes an appearance here.
  • Glad they’re sticking with Flash’s rogues gallery, as opposed to, let’s say a show, blatantly stealing from another superhero’s rogues gallery (cough…Arrow / Green Bat Arrow Man…cough.)
  • Detective Pretty Boy makes small talk with Joe about Iris. Technical foul right there.
  • Okay, it wasn’t a Mr. Freeze Gun earlier; it was a liquid nitrogen gun. Herp derp 2.
  • Wait, no CSI Vision this week? Maybe the producers finally figured out it was pushing the silliness too far? Or maybe Rocksteady called and told them to stop ripping off ‘Detective Mode’ from their Batman games?
  • Iris just shows up with coffee for Barry and Joe, but none for her boyfriend, Detective Pretty Boy. So, coffee for dad? Check. Coffee for best friend? Check. Coffee for boyfriend? Nope. What type of girlfriend is this?
  • Iris started an anonymous blog about the “streak” aka the Flash. Hey, I’m writing a blog on the the Flash. Kwinky-dink?
  • Ah, so that’s her name! Felicity Smoak, the guest star from arrow (yes, I looked up the spelling of her last name. First spelled it as ‘Smoke.’) just shows up out of nowhere to visit. Wait, really?
  • It bears repeating: Hello Nurse!
  • Bad guys having a meeting; big bad head shots a subordinate. Even Megatron wasn’t this evil, considering all the times he kept Starscream around even though the latter kept plotting to usurp leadership from Megatron.
  • “I came because I wanted to see you.” Wait, really?
  • Barry, I can buy you stink at reading women’s signals but this is just…bad. I mean, no one can be this oblivious…right? Or am I wrong? Who wrote this part?
  • Even if he’s not this oblivious and is holding out for Iris…look at who’s in front of you! Go for it already!
  • Barry shows off his superspeed to Felicity, who apparently was listening in when Barry visited Arrow / Green Bat Arrow Man way back in the pilot episode. Felicity works with Arrow / Green Bat Arrow Man in the same way Dr. Ed-from-Ed, Caitlin, and Cisco do.
  • Wait, NOW his shoes are smoking? Show, you can’t ignore that stuff for three episodes, than decide it’s relevant.
  • All I ask is you be consistent with your technobabble horse-poop.
  • Speaking of superspeed, here’s a great video on the physics of superspeed and how it simply wouldn’t work. Apparently, the heat from friction (molecules in the air) would burn our skin off at super high velocities. And that’s among other bad things that would happen. Promise, the video is worth watching.
  • Barry shows Star Labs to Felicity…including the super treadmill. Now that’s how you show a woman a good time!
  • Felicity does seem legitimately concerned about the changes in Barry.
  • Detective Pretty Boy tires to hash it out with Joe about Iris. Joe makes it clear they’re not friends. Okay, this relationship, I like.
  • Barry takes Felicity to the coffee shop where Iris works.
  • Iris invites Barry and Felicity to a trivia night for a double date. Wait…trivia night? So Barry is this nerdy science guy, and Iris isn’t…except when the show decides she is? Trivia night?
  • I now demand a scene in a game store, with Iris showing Barry how to play Ticket to Ride. Show, make it so!
  • “Barry, girls don’t just hop on trains and travel hundreds of miles to see someone they don’t like.” – EXACTLY! Even the show agrees with me.
  • Big bad inspects some super weapons. Ignores the Fire Pokemon starter / Gun, and chooses the Cold Pokemon starter / Gun instead.
  • The Mr. Freeze Gun was apparently stolen from Star Labs. Duh duh duuuhhh!
  • Captain Cold then kills the weapons dealer, because the show was concerned we wouldn’t think he’s evil enough.
  • Felicity shows up over-dressed, which of course ups the sex appeal of the show. Barry…make your move now. Do it now! Now!
  • I have no idea why that reference popped into my head.
  • Big bad at a museum, to scope out a diamond he wants to steal. Duh duh duuuhhh!
  • “Felicity is smart, nice, and pretty.” The show still agrees with me! Barry, what is wrong with you?
  • I can buy that Barry is into Iris and holding out, but…but…but…I can’t buy that Barry won’t even entertain the idea of going after Felicity. The show is really pushing the idea that they’re great together.
  • To top that all off, with his superspeed, it wouldn’t be much of a long-distance relationship. He can superspeed to her every single weekend, and twice on Sundays!
  • Wait, I got it! Felicity is on Arrow / Green Bat Arrow Man. That’s why it won’t work. Honestly, should have figured it out sooner. Herp derp 3.
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed is angry at Cisco that he didn’t report the theft of the Mr. Freeze Gun immediately. Apparently, Cisco built it. Duh duh duuuhhh!
  • Captain Cold at the museum; coincidentally Joe is there and ID’s him immediately. Detective Pretty Boy is summoned. Barry suits up and follows.
  • Captain Cold just freeze gunned the road, causing a cop car to careen out of control.
  • Captain Cold almost freeze gunned Joe, but the Flash knocks him out of the way and gets hit. He’s still going though!
  • Captain Cold freeze guns an innocent bystander; Barry tries to outrun the blast but fails and innocent bystander is frozen, presumably killed and…Captain Cold just walks away while Flash is kneeling still right in front of frozen redshirt…Did he run out of ammo? Did he suffer brain damage as a child? Why isn’t he killing the Flash. We’ve seen him kill three people already! Did he accidentally leave the stove on? Who wrote this part?
  • Barry at Star Labs; third degree frost bite? Apparently without his healing factor it would have been much worse, and it slowed him down.
  • Cisco lets Barry and Felicity know he built the gun. He built it to stop Barry, and wanted to be prepared for the worse.
  • Uh-oh, Barry’s playing the trust and friend cards with Cisco, because someone died. D’OH! That’s a tough play to beat! Checkmate right there!
  • Joe comes home, and he and Iris hash it out over Detective Pretty Boy. Apparently, the last time he gave her the cold treatment was when she tried to sign up for the police academy, then withdrawing the application.
  • Joe is annoyed because he can’t focus 100% on Detective Pretty Boy as a partner; if the partner gets hurt, he’ll blame himself and she’ll blame him. That’s why the relationship is hard for him.
  • Captain Cold is going back to the museum, arguing with his subordinates. Subordinates leave him. They probably want to live.
  • Barry is blowing off steam by running on the superspeed treadmill.
  • Felicity gives Barry a pep talk, sharing how the Arrow / Green Bat Arrow Man team came together over time.
  • Captain Cold returns to museum, because he totally couldn’t steal the diamond last time. Nope, absolutely not.
  • Cisco figures out a way to track the freeze gun, but needs to hack into Central City’s network because of technobabble. Felicity can do it in one minute…wait, what? Do all Hollywood writers just assume the top students in Computer Science are all hacking experts?
  • Barry suits up, and turns off his communication thingie. He’s still pissed, apparently.
  • Joe and Detective Pretty Boy arrive on the scene. Joe orders Detective Pretty Boy to guard the entrance.
  • Prediction: Detective Pretty Boy will break up with Iris because he doesn’t want to be protected anymore and do his job properly. Iris will blame her dad.
  • Felicity implores Caitlin and Cisco to have the Flash’s back.
  • Detective Pretty Boy comes along anyways. Maybe my prediction is wrong.
  • Captain Cold freezes train from the inside; Flash has to save everyone on the train while Captain Cold gets away. Except Captain Cold doesn’t get away.
  • Flash gets hit with the Freeze Gun. Cisco shows up out of nowhere with Caitlin and Felicity and bluffs with a souped-up Freeze Gun that is actually a Hand Vaccuum. Captain Cold leaves. So…how did Cisco, Caitlin, and Felicity get there so fast? Star Trek transporter’s?
  • Barry forgives Cisco…aww…
  • Felicity leaves for home; hugs for Barry. Barry still won’t make a move. Booo!
  • So, Green Bat Arrow Man is not even called Green Arrow. Just “The Arrow.” Booo! It’s like The CW is ashamed that he’s called Green Arrow.
  • I mean, why didn’t Marvel re-name Hawkeye ‘The Hawk’ or Black Widow ‘The Widow’ or…okay, I give up.
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed tells Cisco not to do anything like that again. Is he referring to the bluff / risking his life earlier, or referring to the creation of a Freeze Gun weapon that can take out the Flash?
  • Iris and Joe have a second heart-to-heart; so I guess my prediction won’t come true…or will it?
  • Uh-oh, Iris says “no more secrets.” So when Iris discovers Barry’s secret, she’ll scream betrayal at Barry and her father. That’s my new prediction.
  • Barry just shows up on Felicity’s train, which conveniently has no one else on it. Also, did Barry pay to get on the train?
  • Superspeed means the laws of society don’t apply to me.
  • Felicity calls out Barry on having a thing for Iris. Barry calls out Felicity on having a thing for Oliver / Green Bat Arrow Man. Wait, she has a thing for Green Bat Arrow Man. Booo. Booo!
  • Opposites attract; I get that, but come on show!
  • Barry kisses Felicity, but they’re not a couple. The show is a tease!
  • Show ends with Captain Cold giving some guy the Fire Starter Pokemon / Gun from earlier…wait, no evil Dr. Ed-from-Ed moment? Booo!
  • I’m booing a lot this week. Hoping to boo a lot less next week.

Some Streams of Consciousness on The Flash, Season 1, Episode 3

Things I’ve found out via the internet about the show:

  1. Full season has been ordered…I understand executives not wanting to put all their chips in at the start, but seriously, I could have told them all: this show will be successful, at least for a couple of seasons. No need to play the waiting game on this one. Not rocket science.
  2. Another alumni from the original live action Flash show will be making an appearance: Amanda Pays! Don’t know which episode she’ll appear in, or whether it’ll be a recurring role, but if the internet is correct, she’s playing a character named Dr. Tina McGee…which is what she was named in the original Flash show.

Enough babbling, onto me…pontificating about tonight’s episode:

  • Okay, if the show is going to constantly start with an opening narration by Barry, I hope the writer’s take advantage of this and reveal that he’s actually been talking to someone the entire time by the end of the first season or something to that effect. The only question is, who is he talking to? Iris? Ooohhh…how about a teenage Wally West? Or and old Jay Garrick? THAT would be uber-cool!
  • Wonder how Detective Pretty Boy feels about Barry & Iris going to the movies?
  • Zombies exist in nature in insects? Science adviser! Is this accurate? How has the Asylum not made a horrible movie about this yet, to appear on the SyFy network?
  • Iris crashing at her boyfriend’s place tonight! Strike…twenty-three for Barry?
  • Barry commits superheroics in plainclothes…how have his shoes not melted?
  • I am very questioning tonight…must be the headache / aspirin.
  • Mafia meeting? Followed by a green mist killing the guy running the meeting, as he chokes to death.
  • Joe brings up evidence from John Wesley Shipp’s case; they’ll go through it together.
  • Yep, bunch of mafioso’s killed by “poison gas” and they were locked in.
  • No CSI-Vision this week! I’m so disappointed.
  • Barry theorizes the gas had a mind of its own. Joe thinks they need to call in the reinforcements: Team Flash FTW!
  • Particle Accelerator can be modified to be a makeshift prison for meta-humans. That won’t end badly, at all.
  • Caitlin flashbacks to night of the accident, where she was apparently planning her honeymoon with her fiance.Things go south
  • Back in the present, Barry, sensing Caitlin doesn’t want to go check out the Particle Accelerator with Dr. Ed-from-Ed, invites her to help him at the police station.
  • Meanwhile, Joe is watching John Wesley Shipp being interrogated on a laptop.
  • Detective Pretty Boy comes by, to visit Iris, thinking Joe wouldn’t be there. Good job pretty boy. Good job. It’s called a smartphone. Messaging? Texting? Phone call?
  • Pretty boy is getting annoyed by keeping this a secret, but Iris claims her dad will kill them if he knew…buy why? Really, why? I can understand over-protective parents and all, but this is kinda silly, and has not been adequately explained. Is it because pretty boy’s a cop?
  • Cisco and Dr. Ed-from-Ed check out the Particle Accelerator. Cisco flashbacks to the night of the accident. Cisco and Caitlin’s fiance Ronnie try to save the day; but Ronnie doesn’t get back in time and Cisco has to close the blast door or everyone dies. Wow, he’s carrying around a lot of guilt, and hiding it well with nerdiness and workaholism.
  • Barry asks Caitlin about Ronnie; Caitlin opens up a bit.
  • “How did someone else’s DNA get inside the victims lungs?”
  • Barry theorizes the meta-human doesn’t control gas; he becomes gas.
  • Meanwhile, bad guy strikes again; Flash rushes to the mall and finds…uh, I’ll call him Gasman for now.
  • Slow-Motion Vision!
  • Flash’s punches go through Gasman; he gets poisoned.
  • Flash rushes to Star Labs; Caitlin gets a sample of the poison.
  • Flash survives, thanks to his healing factor, and goes to tell Joe.
  • Wait…what? This came out of no where? Barry admits to Joe that he wants to bust John Wesley Shipp out of prison, since he’s powerful enough to do so. Joe gives him some fatherly advice, but again, this just came out of no where.
  • Iris comes by the police station to visit Detective Pretty Boy; she’s never had a serious boyfriend…wait, what? I refuse to believe this. She kisses him in front of everyone, so I guess the secrets out.
  • Caitlin and Barry open up to each other; with Ronnie’s death and Barry’s mom’s death, and how running away from the pain doesn’t always work. So Barry escorts Caitlin to the Particle Accelerator.
  • Flashback to accident night; Ronnie radios Caitlin before he bites the big one (or did he?!)
  • HUGS!
  • Gas analysis finds poison mixed with a sedative given to people before execution. Lead detective on the case for Gasman was…Joe. Of course, it was Joe.
  • Joe is at the prison to talk to John Wesley Shipp; somehow, Gasman knows exactly where Joe is.
  • Caitlin reverse-engineered an antidote for the toxin.
  • Uh-oh, John Wesley Shipp and Joe aren’t friends. Joe is re-opening the case, and apologizes.
  • Gasman kills the guard; tries to kill Joe. Flash arrives with the anti-toxin. John Wesley Shipp sees the Flash; wonder if he knows the secret, just by body language, posture, etc.
  • Flash vs. Gasman, round two. Dr. Ed-from-Ed theorizes he can’t stay in gas form for long, so Flash keeps…running away. Eventually, he reforms into solid matter, and a Shoryuken…I mean superspeed punch wins the day.
  • Joe at the hospital; Barry sitting by his side…wait, is Iris too busy to be there?
  • Okay, Iris arrives just in the nick of time, with Detective Pretty Boy. Strike thirty-three for Barry.
  • Joe reveals he knew about their relationship all along.
  • Gasman is being held in the Particle Accelerator; trying to break out. Gee, I wonder which episode / season the prison will explode?
  • Cisco wants to tell Caitlin about the night of the explosion, but she’s okay, and the two get ice cream / drinks / both.
  • John Wesley Shipp and Barry have another heartfelt conversation about Barry’s mom / his wife.
  • I love how they block out the final minute to Dr. Ed-from-Ed being evil.
  • Flashback for Dr. Ed-from-Ed.
  • They reveal even before the night of the explosion, he had access to his super high-tech room, and he sees Barry, under surveillance, about to be struck by lightning.

Some Streams of Consciousness on The Flash, Season 1, Episode 2

So with my my nephews having left yesterday, I’m making some time for a blog post. I probably should catch up on D&D Encounters / Tyranny of Dragons, but to be perfectly honest…

I don’t feel like it. Primarily because they take a very long time for me to pump out, and partially because I’m under the weather.

So let’s return to The Flash with the 2nd episode that premiered a few days ago. They take about as much time to write as it takes to watch an episode. Yay!

  • 352 mph…that’s an oddly exact number. Wonder if there’s any significance, or maybe a writer pulled that number out of a hat?
  • Why is Cisco keeping helping Barry a secret from Caitlin. It makes no sense…
  • Flash saves people from a burning building. Yay!
  • That is a lot of fire in that building. I’m sure the suit can resist a great deal of heat, but what about the parts of his skin that aren’t covered? And where’s all the smoke? Shouldn’t Barry’s lungs be smoking right now? I’m adding smoke resistance to Barry’s list of superpowers.
  • After saving people from the burning building, it looks like he’s having issues breathing; even takes off his mask…in broad daylight. His identity should no longer be a secret soon enough.
  • This is an opportunity for a future episode where someone finds out his secret identity (like on a hidden camera) and gives Barry a lecture: “Don’t take off your mask in public, dumb ass! You never know who’s watching!”
  • Caitlin is annoyed at Barry helping people, but is fine with him trying to stop meta-humans…you know, helping people.
  • Uh-oh, Barry’s vitals spiked for a few moments according to his super sensor suit.
  • Barry forgot his clothes on a way to a crime scene, so he improvises by going into a nearby store to…wait, did he just steal clothes?
  • Barry’s doing his CSI-vision again! Seriously, the show even overlays special effects over the foot prints. $10 someone played one of the Batman Arkham games, and got the idea from Batman’s ‘Detective Vision’ Also, $10 this same person is being hailed as a genius, and got a promotion / raise.
  • Joe, Iris’s dad, makes sure Barry hasn’t told her about his super-powers.
  • Uh-oh, flashback to kid Barry with kid Iris and Joe. “You’re not my father, so you can’t tell me what to do…I hate you!” Yep, surrogate father figure.
  • Centrifuge is on the fritz, but Barry can shake up compounds in test tubes at superspeed.
  • Iris blames Barry for taking journalism. I can only wonder what she blamed him for when he was in a coma for nine months.
  • Iris and Detective Pretty Boy, to remind us all that…they have about as much chemistry as…as…okay, I got nothing.
  • Barry and Iris attend some award talk by Simon Stagg, man of the year, for his- work on cellular regeneration and cloning.
  • Detective Pretty Boy’s name is Eddie…who knew?
  • Iris laments not spending enough quality time with Barry. Looks like Barry is going to attempt admitting his feelings again, but robbery in progress.
  • Barry superspeeds, saves a security officer, but suddenly passes out.
  • Dizzy spells; Caitlin is freaking out. “In science we share! We don’t keep secrets!”
  • Gonna have Barry run on the treadmill from hell. Everything is okay, except for…the glucose levels, which is why he keeps passing out. They took this from the original Flash show, where he had to eat like a pig.
  • Joe discover’s Barry’s newpaper clippings on his mom’s death / John Wesley Shipp’s accusation. Flashback to him trying to find kid Barry.
  • Fast-forward to pesent where Joe finds Barry at Star Labs.
  • Joe and Barry have it out, soap opera style! Joe the father figure even slips and calls Barry his kid. Barry insists that he’s not.
  • One of the robbers has it out with some hired muscle, gets punched, and splits into five of himself, beating up the guard.
  • The hired muscle was Simon Stagg’s security guard, who’s now dead.
  • Uh-oh, Iris can tell her dad is mad at Barry. Iris is mad at Barry too; he keeps missing appointments with her, because he’s…flaky?
  • In a strange sequence, he superspeeds around her so fast she can’t tell, and wants to tell her about his superspeed, how he feels about her, but can’t…okay, if you’re moving fast enough where the human eye can’t detect you, wouldn’t there be other effects that can be perceived, like…a sonic boom? Papers flying everywhere? Science adviser, anyone?
  • Twenty lawsuits on Simon Stagg.
  • Clone Killer is shooting up Stagg industries; naturally Joe and Detective Pretty Boy are there.
  • After his pitiful, Cobra-esque shooting performance last week, Joe takes out two clones…he’s been practicing! But see’s Clone Killer clone himself.
  • Flash to the rescue!
  • Flash…gets his arse handed to him. He’s not exactly trained in combat, but he also doesn’t use his superspeed when he fights…did they run out on the special effects budget, or realized that they needed a way to stretch out the episode 20 more minutes?
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed explains that Danton Black the big bad, apparently had his research stolen by Simon Stagg. Cisco dubs him Captain Clone.
  • Barry’s arse-kicking has him doubting himself, despite Dr. Ed-from-Ed’s clichéd you have to crash a few times before you learn how to fly speech.
  • Barry has a flashback to when he went to visit John Wesley Shipp in prison as a kid. I gotta give the show credit; the kid they got to play kid Barry, you’d swear is going to grow up to look like the guy who play’s adult Barry. Same facial expressions, etc.
  • John Wesley Shipp didn’t want kid Barry to see him like this…
  • So the news has Detective Pretty Boy as the Hero who saved the CEO…how is it possible Joe didn’t get the credit?
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed went to visit Joe, and bumps into Simon Stagg, whom he apparently has a rocky relationship with.
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed thinks Barry’s greatest enemy is doubt, and is insistent as long as Joe doubts him, Barry will doubt himself.
  • For the record, Dr. Ed-from-Ed also cares about Barry too…father figure square!
  • Uh-oh, Iris wants to write a journalism article on the mysterious red streak.
  • Caitlin took some of Captain Clone’s blood (from Barry’s Flash suit), and managed to create a ‘replicant’ It stands there motionless; the clones are ‘receivers,’ so take out the ‘prime’ and in theory the remaining clones go down. Also theorizing the ‘prime’ will be under stress to control all those clones.
  • Joe conveniently shows up at Star Labs to admit he and the police can’t take on meta-humans and tells Barry to go stop Captain Clone. Barry’s confidence digivolves to champion level.
  • Barry saves Stagg; Stagg gives exposition on how he was going to use his clone research to gives his wife new organs that were failing her.
  • That is a lot of clones…looks like a walker herd.
  • Barry doubts himself again, but Joe reassures him through the once more. Barry’s confidence digivolves to ultimate level.
  • Barry wins, but Captain Clone ends up falling out a window to his death.
  • Cisco has renamed Captain Clone to Multiplex…
  • Barry gives his obligatory thanks to Cisco, Caitlin, and Dr. Ed-from-Ed. They were all struck by that lightning! They’re a team now! Go Go Flash Rangers!
  • Joe brings Barry three pizza’s. Peperoni, olives, and jalepenos is apparently Barry’s favorite topping combo for pizza…not sure I’d like that. I admit, I’m a wimp when it comes to hot food.
  • Joe insists he and Barry will figure out what happened Barry’s mom, and get John Wesley Shipp out of prison.
  • Barry admits that Joe is like a father to him. It’s a touching scene.
  • So to recap we have: John Wesley Shipp (actual father), Joe (father figure who raised him), And Dr. Ed-from-Ed (Scientist father figure.) Father figure square!
  • Caitlin just did a 180; she’s totally on board the Flash Rangers!
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed visits Simon Stagg. Stagg insists that he’ll find the Flash. Dr. Ed-from-Ed stabs and kills him, insisting that the fastest man alive must be kept safe.
  • Power roundup: Smoke-Inhalation Resistance, CSI-Vision, Slow-Motion Vision, Super-speed, Super-healing, Socially awkward, Nerdy, Flaky / Forgetful with appointments with Iris, In-love/lust-with-a-girl-that’s-just-not-that-into-him.