Some Streams of Consciousness on The Flash, Season 1, Episode 6

It’s Flash Time!

  • Whoa! Switch up in the opening narration. Iris is speaking, not Barry, with her take on ‘you need to believe in the impossible’ spiel from the pilot episode.
  • The Flash can speed-read! I wish I could do that! It’d make my life so much easier.
  • Strike two on the Flash trying to convince Iris to quit reporting on him.
  • Joe shoots at a meta-human, and sees his bullets bouncing off him; thinking this will lead to something bad.
  • Joe saves Detective Pretty Boy’s life; he owes him…I lost count.
  • Flash vs. Colossus! (Or a metahuman that can turn himself into metal…yeah, pretty much like Colossus, on a smaller budget, of course.) Colossus wins! Flawless victory!
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed making a ‘Man of Steel’ joke.
  • Just noticed that Jaime Paglia co-wrote this episode; this guy co-created Eureka, which is a show worth checking out.
  • Tony Woodward is the name of the Colossus metahuman…who bullied Barry when he was a kid, revealed in a Flashback. Great, a childhood bully episode.
  • Joe talks to Barry about the bullets ‘sparking’ off of Colossus. Barry tries to convince him it’s body armor.
  • Joe visits Dr. Ed-from-Ed at Star Labs for help on the murder of Barry’s mom’s case.
  • Cisco comes up with a fighting robot called Girder. Barry dislocates his shoulder training. D’OH!
  • Detective Pretty Boy calls Barry to check out the abandoned Hummer.
  • Flashback, Joe trains kid Barry in boxing. He also lets Barry know it’s okay to run away.
  • Back to the present; going to check out Keystone brewery as they find barrels at the hummer.
  • Joe talks it out with Dr. Ed-from-Ed, thinking seeing Barry’s superspeed sounds like what kid Barry described when his mom was killed. But Dr. Ed-from-Ed thinks it unlikely someone with superspeed existed 14 years ago.
  • Someone tries to run while Joe and Detective Pretty Boy give chase.
  • Guy that runs gives exposition on how Tony was fired years ago, and fell in an accident, coincidentally when the particle accelerator went kaboom. Obviously, he got better.
  • Colossus visits Iris at where she works. Hits on her…while there’s an alert on TV for Colossus, who leaves.
  • Iris leaves a message for the Flash on her blog…is that smart? She confirms what Cisco and Caitlin were thinking earlier; he’s hiding out at an abandoned iron factory.
  • Flash runs to the factory, rather pissed off that Iris is now in danger.
  • The Flash vs. Colossus, round 2!
  • Colossus shoves shelves on top of the Flash…
  • Well, that was a short, uneventful fight…kinda reminds me of the fights from Smallville; rather lacking in excitement. Even the old Incredible Hulk TV shows had more exciting fights, and all the Hulk ever did was throw people around. He never punched anything.
  • Cisco and Caitlin to the rescue!
  • Back at Star Labs, Dr. Ed-from-Ed is not happy.
  • Barry reveals he feels powerless, just like when Tony bullied him as a kid.
  • Cisco lets Barry know that if he can hit him at Mach 1.1 and the right angle, he can win! Barry apparently needs a head start of 5.3 miles to pull this trick off.
  • Joe checks in on Barry to make sure he’s okay.
  • Detective Pretty Boy wants to let off some steam, so him and Barry go train on the heavy bag. Apparently, Detective Pretty Boy was bullied as a kid too, and gives Barry some pointers. Barry punches a hole in the heavy bag. Yay?
  • Joe and Dr. Ed-from-Ed meet at a bar. Joe has an ‘impossible’ theory, another particle accelerator was around 14 years ago. Apparently, Dr. Ed-from-Ed opened Star Labs 14 years ago, a month after Barry’s mom was killed.
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed seems annoyed, but gives him a lead; Tess Morgan!
  • Colossus visits Iris at her home; knocks out (or kills, not sure) her police detail.
  • Barry is still undergoing his boxing training with Detective Pretty Boy.
  • Iris has been kidnapped! Duh duh Duuuh!
  • Colossus takes Iris back to…high school? Middle school? He wants her to blog about him, not ‘the Streak’
  • Oh, he took her to their Elementary School…and after Iris pulls the alarm, they stick around.
  • The Flash shows up! The Flash vs. Colossus, round 3!
  • Flash pulls off his supersonic Mach 1 Falcon punch
  • Or, if you prefer:
  • But Iris gets the knockout blow while Colossus is powered down…how did Colossus know to go into metal form? We see him in his human form, he hears what sounds like thunder, and goes into metal form, but wouldn’t the Flash have been fast enough to hit him before he could possibly do that?
  • Probably over-thinking it. It’ s a superhero show.
  • Colossus now trapped in Star Labs…and Barry reveals his secret identity to him! This will be a very bad decision in the future.
  • Joe visits Dr. Ed-from-Ed to make amends; he looked up Tess Morgan, and is sorry for Wells loss. Joe is hoping for Wells help in the future.
  • Barry visits Iris at her work to check up on her. They both apologize! And ‘in a flash,’ Barry gives Iris the idea to name the streak The Flash.
  • Joe at home working late on Barry’s Dad’s case. Yellow streak shows up, steals all of the case file evidence, and leaves a message: Stop or else, with a knife on Iris’s picture. Duh duh duuuh!

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