Some Streams of Consciousness on The Flash, Season 1, Episode 3

Things I’ve found out via the internet about the show:

  1. Full season has been ordered…I understand executives not wanting to put all their chips in at the start, but seriously, I could have told them all: this show will be successful, at least for a couple of seasons. No need to play the waiting game on this one. Not rocket science.
  2. Another alumni from the original live action Flash show will be making an appearance: Amanda Pays! Don’t know which episode she’ll appear in, or whether it’ll be a recurring role, but if the internet is correct, she’s playing a character named Dr. Tina McGee…which is what she was named in the original Flash show.

Enough babbling, onto me…pontificating about tonight’s episode:

  • Okay, if the show is going to constantly start with an opening narration by Barry, I hope the writer’s take advantage of this and reveal that he’s actually been talking to someone the entire time by the end of the first season or something to that effect. The only question is, who is he talking to? Iris? Ooohhh…how about a teenage Wally West? Or and old Jay Garrick? THAT would be uber-cool!
  • Wonder how Detective Pretty Boy feels about Barry & Iris going to the movies?
  • Zombies exist in nature in insects? Science adviser! Is this accurate? How has the Asylum not made a horrible movie about this yet, to appear on the SyFy network?
  • Iris crashing at her boyfriend’s place tonight! Strike…twenty-three for Barry?
  • Barry commits superheroics in plainclothes…how have his shoes not melted?
  • I am very questioning tonight…must be the headache / aspirin.
  • Mafia meeting? Followed by a green mist killing the guy running the meeting, as he chokes to death.
  • Joe brings up evidence from John Wesley Shipp’s case; they’ll go through it together.
  • Yep, bunch of mafioso’s killed by “poison gas” and they were locked in.
  • No CSI-Vision this week! I’m so disappointed.
  • Barry theorizes the gas had a mind of its own. Joe thinks they need to call in the reinforcements: Team Flash FTW!
  • Particle Accelerator can be modified to be a makeshift prison for meta-humans. That won’t end badly, at all.
  • Caitlin flashbacks to night of the accident, where she was apparently planning her honeymoon with her fiance.Things go south
  • Back in the present, Barry, sensing Caitlin doesn’t want to go check out the Particle Accelerator with Dr. Ed-from-Ed, invites her to help him at the police station.
  • Meanwhile, Joe is watching John Wesley Shipp being interrogated on a laptop.
  • Detective Pretty Boy comes by, to visit Iris, thinking Joe wouldn’t be there. Good job pretty boy. Good job. It’s called a smartphone. Messaging? Texting? Phone call?
  • Pretty boy is getting annoyed by keeping this a secret, but Iris claims her dad will kill them if he knew…buy why? Really, why? I can understand over-protective parents and all, but this is kinda silly, and has not been adequately explained. Is it because pretty boy’s a cop?
  • Cisco and Dr. Ed-from-Ed check out the Particle Accelerator. Cisco flashbacks to the night of the accident. Cisco and Caitlin’s fiance Ronnie try to save the day; but Ronnie doesn’t get back in time and Cisco has to close the blast door or everyone dies. Wow, he’s carrying around a lot of guilt, and hiding it well with nerdiness and workaholism.
  • Barry asks Caitlin about Ronnie; Caitlin opens up a bit.
  • “How did someone else’s DNA get inside the victims lungs?”
  • Barry theorizes the meta-human doesn’t control gas; he becomes gas.
  • Meanwhile, bad guy strikes again; Flash rushes to the mall and finds…uh, I’ll call him Gasman for now.
  • Slow-Motion Vision!
  • Flash’s punches go through Gasman; he gets poisoned.
  • Flash rushes to Star Labs; Caitlin gets a sample of the poison.
  • Flash survives, thanks to his healing factor, and goes to tell Joe.
  • Wait…what? This came out of no where? Barry admits to Joe that he wants to bust John Wesley Shipp out of prison, since he’s powerful enough to do so. Joe gives him some fatherly advice, but again, this just came out of no where.
  • Iris comes by the police station to visit Detective Pretty Boy; she’s never had a serious boyfriend…wait, what? I refuse to believe this. She kisses him in front of everyone, so I guess the secrets out.
  • Caitlin and Barry open up to each other; with Ronnie’s death and Barry’s mom’s death, and how running away from the pain doesn’t always work. So Barry escorts Caitlin to the Particle Accelerator.
  • Flashback to accident night; Ronnie radios Caitlin before he bites the big one (or did he?!)
  • HUGS!
  • Gas analysis finds poison mixed with a sedative given to people before execution. Lead detective on the case for Gasman was…Joe. Of course, it was Joe.
  • Joe is at the prison to talk to John Wesley Shipp; somehow, Gasman knows exactly where Joe is.
  • Caitlin reverse-engineered an antidote for the toxin.
  • Uh-oh, John Wesley Shipp and Joe aren’t friends. Joe is re-opening the case, and apologizes.
  • Gasman kills the guard; tries to kill Joe. Flash arrives with the anti-toxin. John Wesley Shipp sees the Flash; wonder if he knows the secret, just by body language, posture, etc.
  • Flash vs. Gasman, round two. Dr. Ed-from-Ed theorizes he can’t stay in gas form for long, so Flash keeps…running away. Eventually, he reforms into solid matter, and a Shoryuken…I mean superspeed punch wins the day.
  • Joe at the hospital; Barry sitting by his side…wait, is Iris too busy to be there?
  • Okay, Iris arrives just in the nick of time, with Detective Pretty Boy. Strike thirty-three for Barry.
  • Joe reveals he knew about their relationship all along.
  • Gasman is being held in the Particle Accelerator; trying to break out. Gee, I wonder which episode / season the prison will explode?
  • Cisco wants to tell Caitlin about the night of the explosion, but she’s okay, and the two get ice cream / drinks / both.
  • John Wesley Shipp and Barry have another heartfelt conversation about Barry’s mom / his wife.
  • I love how they block out the final minute to Dr. Ed-from-Ed being evil.
  • Flashback for Dr. Ed-from-Ed.
  • They reveal even before the night of the explosion, he had access to his super high-tech room, and he sees Barry, under surveillance, about to be struck by lightning.

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