Some Streams of Consciousness on The Flash, Season 1, Episode 2

So with my my nephews having left yesterday, I’m making some time for a blog post. I probably should catch up on D&D Encounters / Tyranny of Dragons, but to be perfectly honest…

I don’t feel like it. Primarily because they take a very long time for me to pump out, and partially because I’m under the weather.

So let’s return to The Flash with the 2nd episode that premiered a few days ago. They take about as much time to write as it takes to watch an episode. Yay!

  • 352 mph…that’s an oddly exact number. Wonder if there’s any significance, or maybe a writer pulled that number out of a hat?
  • Why is Cisco keeping helping Barry a secret from Caitlin. It makes no sense…
  • Flash saves people from a burning building. Yay!
  • That is a lot of fire in that building. I’m sure the suit can resist a great deal of heat, but what about the parts of his skin that aren’t covered? And where’s all the smoke? Shouldn’t Barry’s lungs be smoking right now? I’m adding smoke resistance to Barry’s list of superpowers.
  • After saving people from the burning building, it looks like he’s having issues breathing; even takes off his mask…in broad daylight. His identity should no longer be a secret soon enough.
  • This is an opportunity for a future episode where someone finds out his secret identity (like on a hidden camera) and gives Barry a lecture: “Don’t take off your mask in public, dumb ass! You never know who’s watching!”
  • Caitlin is annoyed at Barry helping people, but is fine with him trying to stop meta-humans…you know, helping people.
  • Uh-oh, Barry’s vitals spiked for a few moments according to his super sensor suit.
  • Barry forgot his clothes on a way to a crime scene, so he improvises by going into a nearby store to…wait, did he just steal clothes?
  • Barry’s doing his CSI-vision again! Seriously, the show even overlays special effects over the foot prints. $10 someone played one of the Batman Arkham games, and got the idea from Batman’s ‘Detective Vision’ Also, $10 this same person is being hailed as a genius, and got a promotion / raise.
  • Joe, Iris’s dad, makes sure Barry hasn’t told her about his super-powers.
  • Uh-oh, flashback to kid Barry with kid Iris and Joe. “You’re not my father, so you can’t tell me what to do…I hate you!” Yep, surrogate father figure.
  • Centrifuge is on the fritz, but Barry can shake up compounds in test tubes at superspeed.
  • Iris blames Barry for taking journalism. I can only wonder what she blamed him for when he was in a coma for nine months.
  • Iris and Detective Pretty Boy, to remind us all that…they have about as much chemistry as…as…okay, I got nothing.
  • Barry and Iris attend some award talk by Simon Stagg, man of the year, for his- work on cellular regeneration and cloning.
  • Detective Pretty Boy’s name is Eddie…who knew?
  • Iris laments not spending enough quality time with Barry. Looks like Barry is going to attempt admitting his feelings again, but robbery in progress.
  • Barry superspeeds, saves a security officer, but suddenly passes out.
  • Dizzy spells; Caitlin is freaking out. “In science we share! We don’t keep secrets!”
  • Gonna have Barry run on the treadmill from hell. Everything is okay, except for…the glucose levels, which is why he keeps passing out. They took this from the original Flash show, where he had to eat like a pig.
  • Joe discover’s Barry’s newpaper clippings on his mom’s death / John Wesley Shipp’s accusation. Flashback to him trying to find kid Barry.
  • Fast-forward to pesent where Joe finds Barry at Star Labs.
  • Joe and Barry have it out, soap opera style! Joe the father figure even slips and calls Barry his kid. Barry insists that he’s not.
  • One of the robbers has it out with some hired muscle, gets punched, and splits into five of himself, beating up the guard.
  • The hired muscle was Simon Stagg’s security guard, who’s now dead.
  • Uh-oh, Iris can tell her dad is mad at Barry. Iris is mad at Barry too; he keeps missing appointments with her, because he’s…flaky?
  • In a strange sequence, he superspeeds around her so fast she can’t tell, and wants to tell her about his superspeed, how he feels about her, but can’t…okay, if you’re moving fast enough where the human eye can’t detect you, wouldn’t there be other effects that can be perceived, like…a sonic boom? Papers flying everywhere? Science adviser, anyone?
  • Twenty lawsuits on Simon Stagg.
  • Clone Killer is shooting up Stagg industries; naturally Joe and Detective Pretty Boy are there.
  • After his pitiful, Cobra-esque shooting performance last week, Joe takes out two clones…he’s been practicing! But see’s Clone Killer clone himself.
  • Flash to the rescue!
  • Flash…gets his arse handed to him. He’s not exactly trained in combat, but he also doesn’t use his superspeed when he fights…did they run out on the special effects budget, or realized that they needed a way to stretch out the episode 20 more minutes?
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed explains that Danton Black the big bad, apparently had his research stolen by Simon Stagg. Cisco dubs him Captain Clone.
  • Barry’s arse-kicking has him doubting himself, despite Dr. Ed-from-Ed’s clichéd you have to crash a few times before you learn how to fly speech.
  • Barry has a flashback to when he went to visit John Wesley Shipp in prison as a kid. I gotta give the show credit; the kid they got to play kid Barry, you’d swear is going to grow up to look like the guy who play’s adult Barry. Same facial expressions, etc.
  • John Wesley Shipp didn’t want kid Barry to see him like this…
  • So the news has Detective Pretty Boy as the Hero who saved the CEO…how is it possible Joe didn’t get the credit?
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed went to visit Joe, and bumps into Simon Stagg, whom he apparently has a rocky relationship with.
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed thinks Barry’s greatest enemy is doubt, and is insistent as long as Joe doubts him, Barry will doubt himself.
  • For the record, Dr. Ed-from-Ed also cares about Barry too…father figure square!
  • Uh-oh, Iris wants to write a journalism article on the mysterious red streak.
  • Caitlin took some of Captain Clone’s blood (from Barry’s Flash suit), and managed to create a ‘replicant’ It stands there motionless; the clones are ‘receivers,’ so take out the ‘prime’ and in theory the remaining clones go down. Also theorizing the ‘prime’ will be under stress to control all those clones.
  • Joe conveniently shows up at Star Labs to admit he and the police can’t take on meta-humans and tells Barry to go stop Captain Clone. Barry’s confidence digivolves to champion level.
  • Barry saves Stagg; Stagg gives exposition on how he was going to use his clone research to gives his wife new organs that were failing her.
  • That is a lot of clones…looks like a walker herd.
  • Barry doubts himself again, but Joe reassures him through the once more. Barry’s confidence digivolves to ultimate level.
  • Barry wins, but Captain Clone ends up falling out a window to his death.
  • Cisco has renamed Captain Clone to Multiplex…
  • Barry gives his obligatory thanks to Cisco, Caitlin, and Dr. Ed-from-Ed. They were all struck by that lightning! They’re a team now! Go Go Flash Rangers!
  • Joe brings Barry three pizza’s. Peperoni, olives, and jalepenos is apparently Barry’s favorite topping combo for pizza…not sure I’d like that. I admit, I’m a wimp when it comes to hot food.
  • Joe insists he and Barry will figure out what happened Barry’s mom, and get John Wesley Shipp out of prison.
  • Barry admits that Joe is like a father to him. It’s a touching scene.
  • So to recap we have: John Wesley Shipp (actual father), Joe (father figure who raised him), And Dr. Ed-from-Ed (Scientist father figure.) Father figure square!
  • Caitlin just did a 180; she’s totally on board the Flash Rangers!
  • Dr. Ed-from-Ed visits Simon Stagg. Stagg insists that he’ll find the Flash. Dr. Ed-from-Ed stabs and kills him, insisting that the fastest man alive must be kept safe.
  • Power roundup: Smoke-Inhalation Resistance, CSI-Vision, Slow-Motion Vision, Super-speed, Super-healing, Socially awkward, Nerdy, Flaky / Forgetful with appointments with Iris, In-love/lust-with-a-girl-that’s-just-not-that-into-him.

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