D&D Encounters, Tyranny of Dragons, part 2

Previously, on Tyranny of Dragons, our party of adventurer’s had arrived in Greenest, only to find the town besieged by figures wearing robes, kobolds, and a blue dragon! Running to the town to help, they happen upon a family fighting for their lives, trying to make their way to the most fortified position in town: the keep at the center of town. Helping the family to the keep, the party help repel an attack on the keep, and clear out a secret, underground tunnel that will allow them to sneak to and from the keep without incident. Making their way back to the keep to report their progress, they debate over whether to keep the looted gold they found on the raiders they defeated.

Our big damn heroes for this week include:

Upon returning to the keep, the party report to the Castellan of the keep, Escobert the Red, a dwarf with a brilliant red beard. Escobert leads the part to Governor Nighthill, who is in the parapet at the moment. As they approach, they swear that they heard the Governor talking to himself, saying how he wished he had a prisoner to interrogate. Alerted to the party’s presence, Nighthill is happy to hear the secret tunnel is now secure. At that time, the blue dragon appears, breathing his lightning breath at the people on the parapet. Everything happens so quickly, that almost no one has time to react, save one. Selwyn heroically knocks everyone out of harms way, but the lightning breath thunderously sears his body, and he is killed for his efforts (and very quickly looted by certain party members.) Spurred to action, the party attempt to time their attacks on the blue dragon’s next diving run. Just as they’re about to attack, a blast of eldritch energy and an arrow strike the blue dragon. The party follows suit, and manage to do enough damage to drive the dragon away, who seems less than interested in being in Greenest in the first place. Looking behind them, they find new companions have join them in their ongoing battle against the raiders:

Having repelled the dragon, the Governor notices and Escobert notice a new threat emerging in the horizon; the mill looks like it’s being set on fire. It’s destruction would be a mighty blow to the town’s long-term survival, so the duo asks the party to go and save the mill while they gather a small militia to eventually catch-up and join them there. Naturally, our heroes agree to this task, and use the secret tunnel to get into town undetected. From there, they use the riverbed for cover to avoid as many enemy patrols as possible. Despite their stealthy approach, they do end up in a single battle, and thanks to a well-placed sleep spell, manage to capture three of the robed figures. Xavier immediately dispatches two of the prisoners, reducing their number to one. After a very large debate, most of the party head towards the mill while Icarium drags the remaining prisoner back to the keep, again employing the secret tunnel to his advantage. Luckily, he doesn’t encounter any resistance on the way back.

At the mill, the party notices something strange; the mill itself is not on fire, and there are small fires around the mill that could be put out quickly and easily, almost as if this entire fire is staged. Bindlethorp quickly does a quick reconnaissance around the mill, and ifnds nothing else. Vladimir finds himself at the front double doors, while others peer into the various windows. Finally, Tarvik finds a stone, casts light on it, and throws it through a window. This proves to be a wise choice, as the sound of weapons striking the stone echo through the windows, before a shout from inside the mill stating they’ve been discovered. Battle naturally ensues, as twelve enemies emerge; it’s a closer battle than it seems. Vladimir falls at some point, though through strength of will he remains stable, and Anders falls twice throughout the battle, though magical healing, courtesy of Tarvik, is useful. Icarium eventually catches up, and finds himself staring at a grisly scene; dead enemies, some of his allies fallen, the noble sorceress suddenly having a beard made out of feathers (Gabrielli has a wild magic bloodline, which can make things…unpredictable at times,) and two humanoid goo things (Gabrielli managed to kill two enemies with a poison spell; when asked to describe her kill, she basically described it like poisonous melting goo. Wicked witch of the west, I suppose.) Icarium helps dispatch the remaining two living enemies with eldritch blasts. With the battle won, the make-shift militia of around twenty people show up to secure the mill as best they could, though it is clear that these townsfolk are not trained in combat, and some of them are incredibly young, perhaps too young to be fighting.

Returning to the keep via the secret tunnel, the party relays their findings to Governor Nighthill, who they find in a makeshift interrogation room, having unsuccessfully interrogated the prisoner thus far. The Governor suspects that the trap at the mill was laid for the doo-gooders helping the town in their darkest hour. In other words, by helping Greenest, our heroes have become targets. The Governor illustrates this by leading them to the parapet and pointing out one of the cult leaders barking orders in the distance, and advises them to stay away.

Unknown to virtually everyone, Xavier remained behind in the interrogation room and gave the interrogation to end all interrogations. It’s not a true interrogation, but all I can think about is this, because it was almost this good: He discovers that this cultist is a member of the Cult of the Dragon, and that they are looting the town to collect a great hoard to “usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons…” Ominous. I honestly don’t remember if Xavier shared this information with the party, though I can say with authority that he does not share this information with Nighthill.

So in real-world D&D terms, the party has reached level 2 around this time, except for any newcomers.

Back to the game, with no rest for the weary, the party is asked to save the villagers trapped in the Sanctuary, a temple to Chauntea. Once again employing both the secret tunnel, and the riverbed for cover, they encounter minimal resistance, a quick battle with three enemies who they dispatch easily, and see before them a large building with three groups of foes. One group is at the front door employing a battering ram. A second group is at the back door trying to get in that way. A third and final group appears to be patrolling around the perimeter of the building, about 50 feet away.

With this information, how will our heroes arrange a rescue? I can’t say, but I’m confident that between now and next week, either the group will think of something brilliant or something…not so brilliant?


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