D&D Encounters, Dead in Thay, part 10 Multi-Session Extravaganza

Well, it’s been awhile, but there are reasons for that. Over three weeks ago, I wasn’t able to attend D&D Encounters due to quite a bit of work on my plate. Two weeks ago, I was able to attend, but it was as a DM (that’s Dungeon Master for you new kids,) not as a player, for reasons I’ll get into in the following paragraph. Anyways, after that play session, the next day, I went to Connecticon for the first time ever, judging / DM-ing tables of the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set adventure, the Lost Mine of Phandelver. I’m going to write a separate blog post on my Connecticon experience, so I’ll leave that alone for a bit. This past Wednesday, it was more DM-ing Dead in Thay for Encounters, so let’s catch up on that.

First, why the change from player to judge? Well, we have more than enough players to run two tables for Encounters. Our second DM had to drop due to school engagements, so I took over the second table, and with that came the end of the adventuring career of my Elven Mage. It was sad, and I blame sfdebris for sticking this song in my head when it comes to things coming to an end.

FYI, sfdebris does science fiction reviews, mostly Star Trek stuff, but he’s branched out to other stuff like anime and non-Star Trek related science fiction. Very amusing videos, and for the record, I’m a fan of his and nothing more.

Hence, the sad, yet fond retirement of the Elven Mage Gavan. I mentioned that the player characters have access to the Seclusion Crypt, more or less an extradimensional space where time passes differently. The only pop culture reference I can think of that even resembles what the Seclusion Crypt is, is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Dragonball Z.

Anyways, the way I like to imagine it, Gavan discovers a peaceful community living in the Seclusion Crypt, discovers the woman of his dreams, has kids, and decides to leave the Doomvault business to everyone else and enjoy retirement raising his family.

Hey, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

So two weeks ago, in Dead in Thay, we were still, inexplicably, in the Ooze Grottos. Third session there…I’m not sure what happened the week I wasn’t there, but apparently not much in the way of progress was to be had. The PC’s I had at my table included:

So in this extremely battle-heavy adventure, our heroes…immediately get into battle with a red wizard, two dread warriors, and a classic D&D monster, a gelatinous cube. They end up saving the lives of some Thayan warriors, forced into battle by their masters, with the gelatinous cube. In one of the more hilarious moments of the night, Raven successfully pickpockets the left-out-to-dry Thayan warriors. It’s not like they had any wealth on them to steal. The only other thing of note is that they end up in another battle with a red wizard named Sarkalla. The adventure describes this red wizard as “quite mad,” and thanks to some strong deception by Raven, they manage to convince the red mage that they will become servants of the Ooze Master. Naturally, the PC’s are lying like crazy and take her down in a surprise round. Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen!

Fast forward to last week, and having finally completed the Ooze Grottos, our heroes move on to a section of the Doomvault known as the Masters’ Domain. The PC’s at my table this week include:

  • Crassus Gaius, a Human Fighter
  • Livulcan, a…a…actually, I’m not sure. This person used to be known as Joefornow, and that player was a rogue. However, I seem to recall Livulcan casting Burning Hands at least once. Maybe he’s a rogue that multiclassed into mage? Or changed characters? I need to remember to ask him when I get a chance. Also, I probably got his name wrong. To be fair to me, oftentimes running a game at my FLGS is like being at a bar at peak hours. It’s loud, and difficult to have a conversation.
  • Maven, a Mage of an unknown race (I totally didn’t write this down), and newcomer to the party
  • Moonbow, a Monk Rogue, previously known as Goodnight
  • Sam, a Human multiclasser (Level 1 Fighter, Level 6 Cleric)
  • Selwyn, an Elven Ranger; unsure if he’s a Wood elf or High elf

So I ran my group through one of the zones of the Masters’ Domain, the Halls of Necromancy, which consist of two rooms. In the first room, they managed to save the life and soul (quite literally) of the long lost, but now found, Kelson Darktreader, an NPC friend from the Scourge of the Sword Coast adventure, which ran previous to this dungeon delve. Instead of “wasting” healing magic on him, the PC’s dragged his unconscious body back to the gatehouse and threw him into the Seclusion Crypt. Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen! Also, in this room were ivory urns “set with gold, silver, and precious gems,” which the party gleefully took. It’s interesting, because no one has been able to discern anything special about them…

The second room they invaded was more or less a battle of attrition with Red Wizards and Thayan apprentices. Yep, battle-heavy adventure. But at least they did save Kelson’s life, and I’m curious to see how they’ll do in the Halls of Obedience this coming Wednesday. They should be able to finish up the Masters’ Domain and move closer to the endgame by the end of the month. In theory, at least.


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