D&D Encounters, Dead in Thay, part 9

So last night’s D&D Encounters session was madness! Okay, I’m exaggerating. It was, in fact, interesting, though incredibly slow paced. Unfortunately, our second DM had to bow out due to work issues, and the person who wanted to take his place had never DM’d before. Never. Not once. Ever.

Unfortunately, Dead in Thay is probably not the best adventure for a rookie DM to start off on, unless he / she happens to be particularly gifted in multiple areas, such as improvisation, terrific memory, organization, etc.

Anyways, we had people show up late again, so it was interesting to see our party start from three and balloon to ten over the course of a couple of hours. We had one GM throughout the night, where our regular started things off, then he tagged in the newbie GM to give him a shot. I’ll just list everyone at once. The big damn heroes of the week include:

So we start off in the Ooze Grottos. Interestingly enough, the area we teleport into is literally called ‘Entry Point.’ I guess the Red Wizards got tired of trying to think of creative names for their ‘Doomvault.’ Anyways, the first room we teleport into has a single wight and three ooze-like monsters that we later discover to be Ochre Jellies. We basically went in guns blazing, deciding that our previous attempts at subterfuge weren’t worth the effort. Then again, we only had two clerics and a mage at the time, so we may as well go for it.

We made short work of these monsters, discovering very early that these jelly monsters split into smaller monsters when damaged by slashing weapons like swords. These smaller monsters, while possessing less health, had the same attack strength, so we stuck to blunt and piercing weaponry, along with magic.

The second room we explored was basically a temple, with pews, an altar, the whole nine yards.. Arranged across the pews were skeletons, and three wights were pouring a slimy substance on these benches, creating ochre jellies! Taking out the wights became our top priority in the ensuing battle, before we took out the created ochre jellies.

Both rooms we conquered yielded nothing in terms of clues or treasure. Our gaming session basically ended here. We discussed re-organizing encounters; when it began we had agreed to meet at 6:00, but tardiness due to real-life issues had crept into all our lives.

For next week, we’ve agreed to have two groups: one will begin at 6:30, and the other will begin at 7:00. I’ve also agreed to step in and GM, and will thus be helming the 7:00 time slot, so that should be interesting. I guess Gavan is retired for the moment…

As for our rookie GM, I didn’t think of it last night, but he’s still interested in DM-ing, so I’m thinking the best way for him to get his feet wet is to buy the D&D Starter Set that comes out next week, try to organize a group of people to get together, and DM the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure in the box. Alternatively, this guy is also a rather hardcore player of Warhammer 40k. His ginormous chest of Warhammer figures is impressive. Maybe he’d be more at home running RPG’s based on that intellectual property. Fantasy Flight Games puts out quite a number of products in that regard: Black Crusade, Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, Rogue Trader. There’s even a Fantasy RPG version of Warhammer: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. There are options; he just needs to put in the time to prepare and figure out how he’d like to proceed as a GM.


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