D&D Encounters, Dead in Thay, part 8

So last weeks adventure in the Doomvault was interesting, as always. We started out with one group, but eventually split into two groups as people started piling into the game store. I suppose that’s one of the cons of a casual play program; it’s okay to show up late. So the initial group of Crassus (Fighter), Gavan (Mage), Raven Evergreen (Rogue), Sam (Cleric / Fighter), Tassidar (Fighter), and Waxon (Cleric) elect to explore the ‘Far Realm Cysts’ of the Doomvault.

We we teleport into an area called the ‘Lake of Madness.’ Yes, there’s a lake before us, as well as orbs of water floating around the it. We notice that there are ripples in the middle of the lake, slowly disappearing, so we know something recently submerged as we teleported in. Crystal, having fishing gear, courageously elects to toss her line in there. That does not turn out well, as an Aboleth emerges and mentally takes control of Tassidar to attack us. I honestly don’t recall how the battle went, but I believe either Crassus or Sam was poisoned by the creature. We parley, and for a glyph key (which we give him), he lets us know that to keep Crassus (I’ll just assume it was him) alive, we need to keep him hydrated, and a remove curse or lesser restoration spell can cure him. I think Waxon cures him.

At this point, we divide into two groups. Group one consists of:

Group two consists of:

So Gavan’s group teleports into the same area and we go south in a cavernous area filled with six wights and one dread warrior. However, all these creatures appear to not be paying attention to us. In fact, they’re completely out of it. That doesn’t meant things go well for us. As soon as we enter the cave, we’re asked to make wisdom saving throws. Everyone fails except for Szenden and Waxon. Everyone else succumbs to some strange force and enters the cave acting…out of it. It doesn’t take a degree in quantum physics to realize that this cave is magically trapped.

In initiative order, every turn we attempt wisdom saves, and slowly but surely retreat from the cave. Sadly, Gavan cannot cast dispel magic (he’s out of high level spell slots) to remove the trap, so a tactical retreat seemed to be are best course of action, for the moment.

Thankfully, there’s another cavernous area to explore east of the lake. In that area, there are holes, a glyph on the wall that allows us to communicate with our red wizard sponsor Serana, two zombie ogres and eight regular zombies. With no traps to keep us down, we make rather short work of these enemies and contact Serana for guidance. Naturally, she gives very little if any, but our Calishite friend Hadar (whom I mistakenly always call ‘Hodor’) emerges from the shadows, saying that it looks like we can use a hand, and gives us a scroll of thunderwave. We ask if he’s seen Kelsin, but he has not. Then he disappears in Batman fashion.

We then head south down a flight of stairs to an area called the “Warren of Eyes.’ There are hundreds of unblinking eyes staring from the greenish slime-covered walls and stones. Rather quickly, a beholder named Thaxileeya emerges, and he has a broken glyph key. We also notice that some of its eye stalks are damaged, probably from red wizard experiments. We test his key out, and confirms its ineffectiveness. Somehow, since the beholder hates the red wizards, we manage to use that ‘common enemy’ mindset to our advantage and it gives us free passage through his area, in exchange for…for…crap, I didn’t write it down. I must have been distracted at that moment, as I usually write all this stuff down. If memory serves me correctly, either we freed it or promised to eventually free it when we’re able.

In any event the play session ended there. As for the other group, while I don’t have all the details, apparently, our bard Coronna died…

Then somehow came back to life!

In the meantime, I have a theory going on; when we got trapped in Thay, we found Shalendra rather quickly, but have been rather unlucky in finding Kelsin. My theory is that we have X number of sessions to find him, and if we don’t something bad will happen to him. In other words, I am very worried we’ll discover his animated corpse, or his living, experimented-on body.

Finally, I don’t remember if I ever posted a map of the Doomvault. Here we go:

Doomvault_Map-Dead_in_ThayEDIT: Ooops! Forgot to mention an interesting and amusing development that slipped my mind earlier. So our group returned to the Forests of Slaughter to find that pool that restored health. Tassidar immediately drank its waters…and found his total hit points cut in half! Gavan’s diagnosis was that his body was basically overloaded with the strange magic found in these waters. Despite the multiple sessions we’ve played, it’s probably been at most a week (and probably far less) of time that has passed for our characters, so the waters magic was still strong in his body. I can’t confirm this, but I have a theory that remove curse might remove this condition…

I also forgot to mention that Gavan elected to use the Seclusion Crypt again. I really had to, since Gavan was completely out of magic, and since there’s no opportunity to rest…it’s either this, or run around with no magic to contribute to the group. Since it’s the second time he’s used it, his total hit points are now reduced by 5 (42 to 37.) Our Dungeon Master confirmed that a remove curse spell will get rid of this condition, which is why I think that same spell might be able to help Tassidar. The only issue is that it’ll take up one of my 3rd level spell slots, and I only have three of those to begin with.


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