D&D Encounters, Dead in Thay, part 6

Including myself, we started the play session with three players; we ended it with eleven players, as people trickled in late one-by-one. It was perhaps the strangest play session I’ve ever experienced. Case in point, our dungeon master purposefully scaled down the first potential combat encounter. As people came in and joined us, he kept adding more and more miniatures to the playmat to scale things back up.

But I digress; Sam (5th level cleric / 1st level fighter), Waxon (6th level cleric), and Gavan (6th level mage) teleported into the Blood Pens, specifically the Hatchery, which was filled with pens. These assorted cages contained different creatures: lizards, spider-people, behirs, hook horrors, etc. We were suddenly joined by Tassidar (6th level fighter) and Szenden (6th level fighter.) Suddenly, the three guards in the room went up to four, there were now two red wizards instead of one, as well as an apprentice mage. Carvings of angelic faces adorned the walls.

Even though Gavan was disguised as a red mage, he is not trained in deception, nor is he terribly charismatic. In other words, a fight broke out, where Gavan unleashed a fireball, and the fight ended relatively quickly, with the female red mage (and apparent ‘leader’ of this area) bargaining for her life. After a ton of negotiation, we let her live for: a potion of climb, a potion of healing, a scroll of dispel magic, a magically embellished mace +1 (which Tassidar grabs), a crystal glyph key, and a ring of keys for the cages, and a passphrase (“That which is dead, stays so.”) that will allow us to go through an adjacent room, littered with zombies, unscathed. So we escort her back to the gatehouse and let her go. Which reminded me that the only way into the Doomvault is through the gatehouse, which explains why we can’t rest there for long periods of time.

So with everyone having shown up, we now split into two groups to continue exploring the Blood Pens area. Group one consists of:

Group two consists of:

  • Crystal Evergreen, a Human Cleric, and newcomer to the party
  • Gavan, an Elven Mage of the High Elf variety
  • Selwyn, an Elven Ranger
  • Tassidar, a Half-Orc Fighter, specializing in being seven-feet tall, and three-hundred pounds
  • Waxon, an Elven Cleric of the Wood Elf variety

The next room we inspect is essentially a converted slaughter house, with twelve humans butchering pigs, and an undead guy directing traffic. Some of the twelve humans are feeding the pig guts to an Otyugh, chained to a wall. Despite some initial fumbling, we actually make our way to another door, walk through, and slam the doors shut.

Before our eyes, we appear to be on a segmented catwalk, approximately ten feet above the ground floor. Below us are massive wine pens, with one smaller pig getting beaten up by the others. Standing on the catwalk are five skeletons, two apprentice mages, and two wights. Tassidar jumps down to save the smaller pig, while a fight breaks out. The battle isn’t terribly difficult, but takes longer than it should do to our inability to better position ourselves in battle. In other words, there’s not a lot of space on the catwalk to maneuver. Still, we win the battle, and searching the bodies, we find four more glyph keys, one on each apprentice and wight. Gavan casts ‘Detect Magic’ on the pig we saved, and discovers that it is the product of transmutation magic. Gavan asks the pig to oink once if it was magically transformed into a pig, which it does. We have a nice scroll of ‘Dispel Magic,’ but decide to hold off on using it until we return to the gatehouse and tie up the pig. No telling what we’re unleashing on the world.

At the far side of the room appears to be a floating disk. Gavan recognizes it as a Tenser’s Floatking Disk spell, and it appears to float on over to a corridor. However, an invisible wall of force protects the corridor. It doesn’t make sense that the disk would float on over there, unless there was a way to get through. After some experimentation, we discover that as long as each of us hold a glyph key, we can pass through. We have five in total; four from this battle, and one we acquired from Serana to explore this area, so we’re set.

Or so we think; we don’t really explore the next area in detail. We know from our map of the Doomvault that there’s a room with a teleportation circle nearby. However, peeking through the door, we see that it is filled with an very large number of enemies, and we’re thinking that we may be biting off more than we can chew. So we opt to retreat to the gatehouse to re-think our options.

At the gatehouse, Gavan uses up the scroll of ‘Dispel Magic’ on the tied up pig, and it transforms into a Halfling named Dreven. He appears harmless, though he doesn’t really have much, if any, knowledge of the phylactery vault, nor has he seen anyone resembling Kelsin. Our journey for the moment, ends there.

The funniest story of the night was the other group; they apparently entered a room filled with zombies that gave them no attention. Then Coronna decided to poke one, and they suddenly became very hostile. They all made a break for it. Even though I wasn’t in that group, simply imagining how it went down gives me a chuckle.

In great news, we’re to level up our characters to 7th level next week!


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