D&D Encounters Quest, Scourge of the Sword Coast, part 16

Our big damn heroes of the week include:

  • Szenden , a Half-Elf Fighter
  • Gavan, an Elven Mage of the High Elf variety
  • Valantis, an Elven Monk, of the Wood Elf variety
  • Tassidar, a Half-Orc Fighter
  • Mave, a Human Rogue, and the only female in the party
  • Waxon, an Elven Cleric of the Wood Elf variety
  • Dovahkiin, a Dragonborn Ranger
  • Selwyn, an Elven Ranger

So we continue our delve into enemy territory aka the Floshin Estate. We’re actually on the 2nd floor of the estate, working our way around. We eventually work our way to the first floor, and eventually the basement level. As it’s a dungeon crawl, here are the things of interest:

  • We find  a diary on the second floor. The author of the diary, presumably the person we’ve been sent to rescue, Shalendra, sister of Darfin Floshin, writes the following:
    • The last entry of the diary reads (I’m paraphrasing here): “Baazkaa has possessed me…” (I may have misspelled that name…D’OH!) Apparently, this being is a major devil.
    • The diary details a story in Dragonspear Castle, which contained a portal to a dark hell of sorts. A large demon emerged, but a Paladin (is it Sir Isteval?) plunges his greatsword into its chest, and the hilt break off. The broken blade is a religious artifact that seals, but not destroys, the demon
    • The writer of this diary struck a bargain with the Red Wizards of Thay.
    • The writer is also plagued by nightmares
    • There was an attack on the manor; as requested, the magical wards protecting the estate have been altered to hurt other Floshins, except for the writer
    • The writer grows increasingly unhappy with what’s going on
    • Shrines are desecrated
    • The writer appears to have a strong dislike of half-breeds…
    • As an aside, it was so nice for her to write that she’s possessed! If only all possessed beings would remember to write an entry in their diaries / journals / livejournals / facebook pages that they’re possessed. The world would be a lot better place!
  • We find a statue on a balcony, which our monk Valantis bravely goes and knocks on; it becomes a fiery creature of sorts, with a body, arms, and head of a humanoid, but the rest of its body on fire. Oh, and naturally, it’s hostile. This creature is eventually joined by creature made of air, and just as hostile. We put them down rather swiftly.
  • We find a gray-green cloak, that camouflages the wearer. Since Gavan is the easiest person to hit (in D&D Next terms, he has an Armor Class of 12, which translates into real life as “Easy to hit!”), the party pretty much agrees that he should get this cloak, though I’m thinking of returning it next session. It’s not like we’ve been sent here to plunder the place.
  • We find ourselves in an area with interconnected rooms and not a lot of space to maneuver. In fact, battle begins against three human undead, only for two more to emerge from a different room. It doesn’t end there, as three more human undead emerge from a room close to where Gavan is. In fact, he actually manages to not only injure one of these undead with a swing of his silver shortsword, but miraculously emerges unscathed. Trust me when I say this streak of good luck won’t last very long.
  • We descend the stairs to the first level, where there are four decorative suits of plate mail armor at the bottom level. From one of those plates of armor, three scorching rays emerge. We have been ambushed! This ends up being the battle where some of Gavan’s luck runs out. When he’s able, he tries to maneuver to the suit of armor where the attacks came from and take the helmet off. He is successful, and underneath the helmet is an imp, that decides to attack with its tail. Not only does the tail hit for damage, but Gavan suffers poison damage as well. (In D&D Next terms, he goes from a full 24 to 11.) The remainder of this battle is rather comical. Two other suits of armor appear to be enchanted, while one is not, but we end up attacking everything in sight. It was a rather comedic, to be honest. It’s not entirely sure if the imp was defeated, or merely retreated. He disappeared after getting hit for a bit, and never returned.
  • We find some scrolls with various magical spells. Gavan borrows them, as he’s running out of magic to use. As we we were on a rescue mission, we never really rested at all, not even a short rest. Hence, no recovery of magic spells. If they remain unused, Gavan intends to return them.
  • A trapdoor leading to the basement level? Well, I don’t mind if we do. Normally, we try to clear every level before changing elevations, but time was running out during the play session, and we felt that if there was any level we’d find Shalendra, it’d be in the basement level, so into the depths we climbed.
  • In the basement level, we find what is essentially the laundry room. Searching the room, we find two water elementals hiding in the water basin. Typical. Just typical. We dispatch of them in due time, and find four healing potions and another potion of lesser restoration (like a healing potion, but rather than restore health, it removes blindness, deafness, disease, or paralysis)
  • A cell in the basement with a dead half-orc with a critical wound on the back of his neck. On his back is a tattoo of a flaming sword and horses on the shoulders. These tattoos are symbols of Tempus.
  • A circular room with white marble and ornate designs, and a statue of elf. As our party is mostly elves, we recognize this statue to be Corellon, patron god of all elves. And like many of the statues we have encountered on this adventure, it’s desecrated, covered with blood. Four undead emerge to engage us in battle. One of them is in armor, and as usual, they’re all human. Assuming these undead are employees of Lord Floshin, did he not have any elf or half-elf servants? Regardless, we defeat these undead, and our cleric Waxon consecrates the statue.
  • We enter the final encounter, a strange room filled with various portals to other areas of Faerun. It’s unclear if these portals would magically transport us to where they’re showing, or they’re just magical surveillance of some sort. But in any event, we smell fire and smoke as a fire elemental emerges from out of the wall, along with an imp. I’m not sure if this is the same imp we fought earlier, but yes, a fight breaks out. When does it not? As the battle progresses, a female mage appears and drops a fireball on us. In D&D Next terms, we all roll dexterity checks, and amazingly, Gavan barely succeeds in this endeavor, and suffers 10 points of damage as opposed to 20. This reduces his hit points from 11 to 1, so he’s looks just about ready to keel over, while various party members have actually keeled over. Waxon uses up the last of his healing spells, and Gavan actually plays medic, using one of the community healing potions on another downed party member. Waxon also uses his final spell on the female mage, who looks like the person we’ve been sent to rescue, Shalendra! A sleep spell, which…fails. Well, there goes the neighborhood. Shalendra probably laughed at that magic spell attempt. What was that, a butterfly? Still, we manage to take down the fire elemental and imp, and as we have so many frontline people, they run up to her and begin hitting her. As they do damage, we witness a momentary change in her facial expression, and above her head a ghostly demonic image appears, and she speaks two words: “Save me!” before her expression changes back to evil and the ghostly image disappears. A few more blows, and Shalendra is successfully subdued (In D&D Next terms, while in melee combat, one can elect to do non-lethal damage, which subdues, not kills. Unfortunately, one cannot do so with ranged combat, which arguably makes sense to some degree.) Gavan shoots an arrow at the ghostly image to no avail. The session ends with this battle, and it appears as if we are successful in saving Darfin’s sister. Next time: the finale to Scourge of the Sword Coast!

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