D&D Encounters Quest: Scourge of the Sword Coast, part 6B

Fully recovered from the previous night’s battle, the caravan continues their travels, arriving at Daggerford in the late afternoon. There is a commotion at the town gates; there are a large number of refugees shouting at another group of six guards, led by some female warrior named Sherlyn. Talking amongst the refugees there, we find out that the Duke of Daggerford has decreed no more refugees enter the town, insisting that there is not enough room left. One of the Daggerford residents named Curran, a Halfling priest of Tymora, Goddess of Luck, speaks on behalf of the refugees, but to no avail. We notice in particular two very vocal refugees, a husband and wife, the latter of which being pregnant with child. We surmise that she would not survive out here in the wilderness, so we pay for their passage into town. Apparently, any person with at least 5 gold on their person is allowed in, so after a generous 10 gold pieces donation by the party, and the husband and wife are let in.

This did not have a positive effect on the remaining refugees, who pick up rocks, apparently looking to start a fight. Sadly, there is no way for us to pay for everyone’s entry. Meanwhile, Gavan notices that one of the guards is white as a sheet with an itchy trigger finger. Our fighter tries to intimidate the crowd to stand down, but fails. While not terribly charismatic, Gavan tries to reason with the refugees, but also fails. Our Cleric steps up to the trigger happy guard, to calm him down, and gets shot at with a crossbow bolt for his efforts, though the bolt misses. Sherlyn orders the trigger-happy guard to stand down, but the guard is rather insistent, as he drops his crossbow and pulls out his spear to try and stab Waxon. He fails, and Waxon attempts to restrain him. Thankfully, Szenden’s second attempt at intimidation goes much better, and the refugees drop their rocks and scatter. Sherlyn again orders the guard to stand down, but despite the strength of her commanding voice, he continues to be aggressive. As Gavan is not physically strong, he cannot help much in terms of restraint. If only someone hadn’t stolen his Hold Person spell from his spellbook. More importantly, if only Gavan could remember how to cast 2nd level spells! The trigger-happy guard drops his spear, and pulls out a dagger in another attempt to injure Waxon, but fails once more. He finally drops his dagger, falls to the ground, and begins to whimper and cry. Clearly, something is amiss…as Curran invites us to come see him at the Lady Luck Tavern whenever we can.

Having received a summons by Sir Isteval, we are able to enter the town unscathed. We enter the town of Daggerford; Waxon has thankfully been here before and we’re able to find the residence of Sir Isteval rather easily. However, we find out that Sir Isteval went to investigate the raids, checking the roads between Waterdeep and Daggerford with a Kelsin Darktretter. Unfortunately, there is no time table as to his return.

In the meantime, we find that the Lady Luck Tavern has no rooms for us, but the River Shining Tavern does; it appears as if this will be our base of operations for the time being. With spend the remainder of the evening / following morning pursuing leads for potential employment for a group of adventurers. When I say we, I mean primarily Gavin and Waxon. Szenden went to check out the bounty hunter board and found nothing, then left in a huff (in real life, his player had to leave.) Considering the cost of staying is 2 gold pieces a night in the common room, it’s not like we have a choice. In other words, we pursue a number of adventure hooks; in no particular order.

  1. Knoll attacks – A half-orc rancher / refugee says the Eastern trade-way is littered with gnoll attacks; apparently this is what the scouts, Kelsin, and Sir Isteval went to check out. Furthermore, there’s an area nearby with a small keep that in the past served as a popular hunting ground for Waterdeep nobles, but the noble house famous for organizing these hunts has fallen into disfortune in recent years.
  2. Orc Raids – in the ruins of Harpshield Castle, human militia scouts are reporting orc attacks in / around the ruins of Harpshield Castle
  3. Whimpering Guard – We visit the local jail, where we’re re-acquainted with Sherlyn, to see if we can find out more about the guard that freaked out. What we find out is that the guard in question claims a female voice told him to shoot (in his head), and that he hung himself the previous night. Conversing with his guard friends, we learn that he’s recently been out and about in his spare time with a Natasha.
  4. Delimbiyr Bloke (sp?) – a Dwarven tablet that states “Friendship is more than a word,” and artifact of the Duke of Daggerford, this relic was recently stolen. The Duke suspects the refugees, and even had their hovels ransacked to try and reclaim his property, but to no avail. This apparently is at least one reason why the Duke is no longer allowing additional refugees into town, as having looked around, there appears to be more than enough room for everyone (for the moment.) We actually are able to meet a Dwarf named Jek (courtesy of Curran at the Lady Luck Tavern) who had an local artist named Alvin Gissen make him a plaster copy, as he had wanted to purchase the bloke, but the Duke refused. Seeking Alvin to see if he had any additional information on the stolen bloke, we find out that he’s lucky enough to have a room (paid up in advance for weeks) at the Lady Luck Tavern. Gavan pretends to be making an art supply delivery, and plays the “you know how fickle artists are; this is actually the second re-delivery he had the company I work for make. He has to inspect the items, so I can’t leave it with you, etc.” This lucky role-playing has me (with the tavern owner) inspecting Alvin’s room, where we discover his change box filled with money. So right now, we’re operating on the assumption that Alvin is missing, as why would anyone go on an extended trip without their hard-earned coin? We find out that Alvin’s girlfriend, Natasha (the same Natasha who was associated with the guard that hung himself), is a local “working girl,” at the Lizard’s Gizzard (who comes up with these names?) However, the half-orc madam of the establishment won’t let us see Natasha. It’s unclear if Natasha is also missing, or is actually at the establishment, but is being protected at this point.
  5. Delfin the Immortal? – The local mage of Daggerford named Delfin, sworn to protect the town, was missing for a century, then suddenly re-appears and resumes his duties with no explanation. We’d have thought people would be more curious as to what happened, but apparently, the Duke was happy with him resuming his oath to protect the town. We try to pay him a visit, but he won’t take visitors at the moment.
  6. Julkoun mystery – Along the river, from Daggerford to Julkoun, there is usually trade. Julkoun is known for their silk, and their ships travel to Daggerford to sell their wares. However, their usual shipment never showed. We learn that in Julkoun there are lots of fey locals that worship Chauntea. The local Chauntea priest of Daggerford keeps in regular contact with the Julkoun priest; we find out from the Daggerford priest that the way they keep contact is through carrier pigeons, and in fact, most of Chauntea’s carrier pigeons arrived recently with no message. We are able to learn from the pigeons (don’t ask me how) that many of them left under duress, as they were being attacked. We also learn that the Duke is paying 25 gold pieces each to the people who find out and fix whatever problems are plaguing Julkoun (i.e. re-establish the trade between Daggerford & Julkoun), so I’m guessing this will be the venture the party chooses to pursue when we meet this coming Wednesday.

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