D&D Encounters Quest: Scourge of the Sword Coast, part 6A

Simply due to time, I’m going to have to split this past weekends adventure into two posts. D’OH!

So with the ending of the Legacy of the Crystal Shard, Wizards of the Coast had their Launch Weekend for the newest season of Encounters with Scourge of the Sword Coast. So for myself this past Sunday, at my friendly, local, game store I participated in over three hours of adventure to kick things off. I wasn’t too sure if I was making a new character or not; however, not many players showed up, and we ended up with:

  • Waxon (as opposed to Wax-off), a wood elf Cleric
  • Szenden , a half-elf fighter
  • And returning to throw down the magic, Gavan, an elf mage

While it was not required, in my mind, I had to think of a way to explain why Gavan was suddenly less powerful (level 3 to level 2) and poorer than he was previously. I toyed with the idea that this was another ‘version’ of Gavan, but then decided that since Gavan is insanely clumsy despite having an above average Dexterity score (+2 to Dex checks!), on his travels from Icewind Dale to warmer lands, he tripped and hit his head on a rock, giving him selective amnesia. Suddenly, he forgot how to cast level 2 spells and what not. To top things off, while he was unconscious some thieves came along and stole most of Gavan’s gold, as well as his silver shortsword, and some pages from his spellbook.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

So the three of us meet at a tavern, presumably at or around Balder’s Gate, and decide to team up to save the world, or at least make a quick gold piece. As adventurer’s, we hear of a summons by a Sir Isteval, Paladin of Daggerford, requesting aid to take on a mission. Apparently, Waxon is acquainted with the retired Paladin, who suffered a leg injury awhile ago that cannot be healed by magic. That alone is a curiosity, considering healing magic’s potency. Heck, D&D is a world where you can resurrect the dead. How is it that a leg injury can’t be healed? But I digress…

As luck would have it, there’s a caravan leaving for Daggerford that can use some guards. After some haggling, we manage to convince the caravan leader to pay us 3 gold pieces each as well as food for our protection, though we won’t get the money until the caravan safely reaches Daggerford.

So a day out of Daggerford, the caravan has gotten quite a ways larger due to displaced refugees. These refugees tell us of raids by orcs, goblins, etc. We pass by what looks like a vandalized, burned town, and quickly search the place to ensure there is no danger. Gavan rolls a 3 on his search check, and proudly proclaims: “Look guys! I think there’s grass over here!” Thankfully, Gavan’s party members find some more meaningful clues, including a dagger that is too small for the average adult hand, and leftover arrows twice as long than the usual kind. Szenden’s experience as a bounty hunter (and unusually high skill check rolls) tell him that this is a gnoll arrow.

Catching up to the caravan, we inform the other guards of out findings and continue our travels towards Daggerford. We eventually camp for the night, near a farmstead that unusually has no lights lit. We search the farmstead, and find lots of blood a few days old, a bloody wood axe, a severed hyena paw, as well as bite marks on the door. We do find some more useful items, such as casks of ale, 3 hams, flour, and sugar. We take these items back and give them to the caravan refugees, as well as notify the caravan leader of our findings. Immediately a cold camp (no fire) is called for, and we meet with the guards to figure out our defenses. This does not last long, as we eventually hear what sounds like broken pottery coming from the farmstead. The three of us go to investigate, and find 2 wolves with empty burlap sacks standing guard outside the structure. Gavan suddenly remembers from his schooling that goblins often work with wolves. Naturally, a fight ensues and as we take out the wolves, rocks go flying out of the farmstead windows towards our mostly elven faces. Fighting our ways in-doors, we are greeted by eight goblins eagerly looking for a fight. I manage to flank the goblins by entering through a side window and despite being reduced to a single hit point, manage to take out one goblin with a burning hands spell (think of a flamethrower coming out of your hands) and another with a magic missile spell (think 3 magical arrows that never miss). Sadly, Waxon (also our healer) is unconscious, and for a moment, Szenden and Gavan our unable to stabilize him (Szenden failed two checks and Gavan fails one; I’m pretty sure we just decided to pour numerous bottles of rubbing alcohol on him, thinking it would work like a healing potion, before we finally remembered how our first aid training.) We’re finally able to stabilize him and return to the caravan camp. Thankfully, the remainder of the night is uneventful and we’re able to fully recover from our wounds.


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