D&D Encounters Quest: Legacy of the Crystal Shard, Part 4

So I held off on posting last week’s encounters session to space it out a bit, as there will be no session for me this week. The DM who normally runs it will be out of town. Actually, he couldn’t have timed things more perfectly, as it’s supposed to snow all day tomorrow.

Partially because we have a rotating cast of players, and partially as a friendly reminder, the current party set-up consists of:

  • Ragner – Dragonborn Druid (also has the unique distinction of being the only player to have participated in every session of this adventure.
  • Waldo – Dwarf Cleric
  • Solis – Human Ranger
  • Gavan – Elf Mage
  • Val – Human Rogue
  • Bruce – Dragonborn Fighter
  • Javert – Drow Paladin
  • Someone whose name currently evades me at the moment (i.e. I totally forgot to write it down, because on occasion I can be rather stupid. He’s a cleric though!)

So when last we saw our heroes, we were on our way to The Northern Lights Inn, located in the coastal town of Caer Konig, to see if two oily Luskans are there. As it turns out, they are, enjoying a fabulous meal of cheese and choice meats. They try to keep up their charade of painting magical symbols on boats that repel the pirates, unaware that we now they’re fake. To get them out of the tavern, we pay to have them paint those symbols on our boats (which we totally don’t have) and proceed to the docks, where we surround them and get them to admit their wrong-doings without a fight. They try to bluff their way out with fake magic wands, but fail, and they end up imprisoned, awaiting execution, with the Seeker of Caer Konig. The Seeker also hires us to take care of the pirate problem. Naturally, we don’t mention that Easthaven has already hired us to do so, because there’s no need to that. Really. Honestly. No need, whatsoever.

So we return to Easthaven to drag Creeden the fairyman to the Easthaven Seeker, where after some interrogation, he admits to working with the pirates, and even tells us the location of the pirate base, hidden in a cove. He also tells us the main pirate ship is easy to recognize, as it has a Black Ram figurehead adorning it’s bow. As justice in these icy lands consists of public execution, Creeden will hang soon enough. In the meantime, we take a boat to the pirate base, only to encounter the pirate ship loaded up with pirates. At first, we were thinking of trying to capture the ship to sail to their base, but then we discover something interesting; the Black Ram adorning the bow is made of black crystal; the same crystal corrupting the Dwarves we encountered several sessions back.

Naturally, a fight breaks out, and despite the odds (I lost track of how many pirates were actually on this ship), we emerge victorious in the end, thanks to some lucky rolls by us, unlucky rolls by the GM, and a flaming sphere that I used to help clear the area. The Black Ram crystal is so powerful, without touching it we can feel its affects making us more aggressive, so after searching the pirate corpses and the ship, we set it on fire.

What happens after this is a bit of fast-forwarding, as we only have one more session left to complete this adventure before the next season begins. Will our ragtag party emerge victorious, relatively speaking? Heck, who will be the final members of the party to see the adventure through to the end? It’ll be fun to find out the answer to both those questions.


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