Game Industry Quest, Part 21A

I really should name my Gavan oriented posts to ‘Gavan Quest’

Anyways, I was suddenly struck with why I’m not terribly fond of blogging. At least I now think / feel like I know why; by my nature, I’m a perfectionist. I like to take my time and make sure I’ve said everything that I wanted to say.

A vast majority of posts I make on this blog, there’s always been a thought “Oh, I forgot to say this.” or “Oh, I should have said this! Why didn’t I think of that?!” It becomes an exercise in frustration, because on one hand, I want this to be natural and free-flowing, and to not take this too seriously, but all of that goes against my natural inclinations.

Take the reason I’m writing this very post; there are things about Gavan’s first day on the job that I totally forgot to mention until after I hit the ‘Publish’ button. D’OH! C’est la vie! I guess this is where displaying adaptability is important.

Gavan wasn’t the only new party member to join last Wednesday at D&D Encounters; we had a Halfling Rogue join our group, and as it turned out in our final encounter of the night, with his final dagger he threw it and defeated the Ice Queen-that-may-not-have-been-the-real-Ice Queen for us. Gavan helped with that shooting arrows with his longbow, while the remainder of our party took out the a summoned Skeletal Dragon. We ended up with a decent amount of treasure for a level 2 party, and with a bunch of saved former hostages, we had to figure out a way out of the Icy Cavern.

Just re-organized Gavan’s character sheet; really looking forward to tomorrow night.


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