Game Producer Quest, Part 16

A couple of topics here and there to put my weekly post to bed.

Fire Emblem: Awakening – Finished my casual game.  The story was quite good, and it was fun to not have to worry about units dying or restarting a map that was 95% completed because a unit did happen to die.  Right now, I’m working on my classic mode game, where I am exhibiting the latter behavior of restarting maps so that units will survive the shackles of permadeath.   Assuming I get around to attempting a lunatic difficulty game, I suspect that on such difficulty I will have to learn to let units go.  In fact, the first third of a lunatic game will probably be the “Frederick Show”.  I’ve heard that one of the DLC maps is littered with enemies that don’t fight back, making it an ideal place to grind and breaking the game wide open on such a difficulty.  However, the only DLC I have is the “free” one included with the game.

SimCity – There is a new iteration of SimCity that released this past week, and apparently many people are reporting problems with merely playing the game that they paid for.  There’s a hilarious review here that sums up the problem far more efficiently than I ever could.  I didn’t buy the game, as I realized I have more than enough games to play, but I do feel sorry for those that are having these problems though, and think that tying the game to EA’s Origin service may have been a mistake.  It’s primarily a single-player game, so playing it offline should be well within the user’s abilities as a paying consumer.

Mass Effect 3: Citadel – My understanding is that this will be the final DLC for Mass Effect 3, which puts this franchise to a close as far as Commander Shepard’s story.  There will be undoubtedly more Mass Effect titles, but none with Shepard.  Knowing my buying habits, I’ll hold off on purchasing until it’s on sale.  Incidentally, I love the weekly sales Xbox Live has, though I think you have to be a Gold member t partake.  Just played through the Karateka remake, and while it doesn’t quite match up the original from my childhood, it was definitely well done.  But I digress; I haven’t played Mass Effect 3 for many months.  I think as far as my feelings towards the game, they echo those that I felt when I finished Fallout 3.  In the latter (spoilers!), my character sacrificed himself, and despite the replay value and inevitable DLC, I didn’t return to the game until more than a year later, because my character’s story was over.  Mass Effect 3 is similar for me in feeling; Commander Shepard’s story is over, and thus I feel no need to play it.  I’ll probably boot it up late this year or early next year, but I feel no need to play it at the present time.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – I enjoyed The Witcher 2 immensely when it came out on PC, and thankfully the developers, CD Projekt RED, announced the sequel a couple of weeks ago to be tentatively released sometime next year.  That reminds me though, I still need to play through the Xbox version, but what little of it that I have played, the controls still feel better on PC, at least in my opinion.

Then again, I’ve been wrong before.

Still, I’m pretty excited about this game coming out.  This and Dark Souls 2 definitely make me an excited gamer.

In non-gaming commentary, being a Boston Celtics fan, I had to comment that the loss of Rajon Rondo, my favorite active Celtic at the moment gutted me weeks ago, but the team has played inspired basketball since then, which make me happy if anything else. They’ll definitely reach the playoffs as a lower tier seed, but the question in my mind is can they make a deep run, and be competitive like they were last year?  I wouldn’t count them out, but obviously smart money is on the Heat repeating as champions.  C’est la vie.


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