Game Producer Quest, Part 08

So CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Show) is going on right now.  I’m not there, though I wish I was.  Easily the item that I’m most intrigued by is the Razer Edge tablet by…well, Razer.



Known primarily for their boutique PC peripherals, they headed into uncharted waters the past few years when they released their Razer Blade laptop (no pun intended), another item I’m keeping my eye on.

So I’ve held off on tablets, unless you count my fairly new Kindle Paperwhite (which I don’t; it only reads books, to be honest.)  That’s not to say the iPad doesn’t intrigue me, but the Razer Edge (formerly codenamed Project Fiona) has kept me away from an iPad purchase.  I want to know more about the device.  To top that all out, with the XBox surface tablet from Microsoft rumored to be in development (I’m assuming this rumor is true), I’ll probably hold off on an investment until all three have been released, and I can get a sense of which one is best for me.

One thing I was glad to see about the Razer Edge is that the gamepad controllers are detachable, which I always wondered about when Project Fiona was demoed at a previous CES (I think it was CES…probably CES…but then again, I’ve been wrong before.)

Yes, they come off.

Yes, they come off.

There’s also a keyboard dock attachment not dissimilar to the recently released Surface tablets from Microsoft.  Razer Edge with Keyboard Dock Another thing that’s neat is that the tablet has another docking station that can connect to your television, so whatever game your running can be played at higher resolutions and on more real estate, if you wished.

Let’s see, I count three USB ports, 1 HDMI, headphone & mic jack, and something at the end that’s too small for my eyes to decipher. D’OH!

There are two versions being advertised at Razer’s website, the regular Razer Edge, and the Razer Edge Pro, which has a faster processor (i5 Dual core vs. i7 Dual core), more memory (8GB vs. 4GB DDR3), beefier graphics card (1GB DDR3 vs. 2GB DDR3 on an NVidia GT 640M), and more storage (64GB vs. 128/256GB SSD).  Both run Windows 8 and sport Stereo speakers.  Really cool, though like all mobile devices, I am curious about the battery life of both versions.

I’m also curious about the ecosystem you’re buying into.  After all, even though it runs games, I’d like it to do more than that.  Since I don’t have a mobile Windows 8 device, I can’t speak to that.  Though that may change in the next few months.

One thing I’m a bit disappointed by (though the year is young, so this may yet happen) is a third announced refresh for their Razer Blade laptop.  They’ve already refreshed the hardware once, but I look at the specs, and it’s still not where I think it needs to be considering the price point it’s at.  Close, but no cigar.

A final piece of hardware that I’m keeping my eyes on is Valve’s Steambox, which as far as I can tell, is a tiny console that will allow one to play their Steam account games on one’s TV.  Pretty neat, but how much are people willing to pay for this, I wonder.


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