Life Quest, Part 01

I have to admit that I hesitate to write and posting this.  Then again, one of my new year’s resolutions is to post on my blog weekly.  So here you go with my thoughts on the recent Newtown tragedy.  It hits a bit closer to home for me because I was essentially raised in Newtown, CT.  My family and I moved to Newtown when I was seven, and my two older brothers and I essentially grew up here.  It’s funny to hear the two diverging views on Newtown.  For the older folks in the community, Newtown is a nice, peaceful place.  For younger generations, it’s a small, boring town in the middle of nowhere.  Neither view is incorrect, though the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.  I’m actually writing this in Newtown, living in my folk’s home as I job hunt.  I was actually looking at job postings when I logged out of my email and the headlines on msn spoke of a shooting in Sandy Hook.  I clicked on it, wondering if it could possibly be referencing Sandy Hook, CT (which is part of Newtown,) and to my surprise, it was.

It reminds of 9/11 in the sense that as it was happening, a part of me couldn’t believe what was going on, and yet all the major stations were covering this one event.  Conflicted is easily the word that applies to my feelings.  A part of me didn’t want to believe it was happening, and yet another part of me wasn’t all that surprised.

Of course, this would be tragic regardless of where it happened.  A madman with a weapon goes into a school, killing innocent children and a few adults.  Still, to be perfectly honest, Newtown hasn’t felt like home for me in quite a long time, but that doesn’t matter.  No community deserves this.  And I must add that I am a bit…annoyed that of all the things Newtown will be known for, it will be most known for this one evil event.

There are no perfectly safe places anywhere.  But I do think that it would behoove school systems to begin investing their budget towards stronger safety measures.  Anywhere from 2-4 security guards on staff would be a smart investment, in my opinion.  I have mixed feelings on gun laws though.  I’m simply not convinced that making the acquisition of firearms more difficult will make a difference, as madmen and psychopaths likely don’t acquire their weapons through legal channels.  At least, in my opinion; then again, I’ve been wrong before.  Still, I do think that tougher punishments for the people who do acquire their guns through illegal means may help.

My parents and I went to the local diner the other day to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  The diner was surprisingly not too busy, though there was still a small media presence enjoying a meal there.  The waitress spoke to all three of us at length about the tragedy.  It was…good to talk about it, I think.  Positive, constructive conversation about the event, how to make sense of it, and how to proceed to make things better is always a good thing, I think.

We passed by the memorial on the way home.  I may drive back there and take some pictures to post here.  In the meantime, I managed to get this post in before the end of the week.  I’ll see if I can keep up a weekly posting rate.

To paraphrase an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles graphic novel: Life is good, and life goes on.


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