Game Producer Quest, Part 06

So I have a first generation Nintendo 3DS, which I’ve talked about before at length.  I fail to recall if I mentioned it, but I really dislike the analog nub.  It’s a bit stiff in my opinion, and simply doesn’t give the same amount of control as an analog stick does.  Case in point, in Star Fox 64 on the old school Nintendo 64, I could make the most narrow, precise flight maneuvers to escape enemy fire.  For the remake on the Nintendo 3DS, I smash into everything in sight.  It’s strange on my fond memories of that game are somewhat…tainted is not the right word, but I’ll go with that word.  The remake in and of itself is perfectly fine; but the controller is not.  Perhaps this is addressed in the XL hardware refresh, but then again…

Also, it has occurred to me that I could be the only one with this issue (i.e. maybe it’s just me).  C’est la vie.

Speaking of my Nintendo 3DS, ever since I moved back into my parents home, I have been unable to connect to their wireless network.  I have tried every security setting the 3DS has, and have gone so far as to place the 3DS right next to the router; no dice.  Since my XBox 360, laptop, PC, parent’s iPad, parent’s Roku device, Dad’s PC, and brand-spanking-new Kindle Paperwhite has no such issues connecting, I will blame the 3DS on this one.  It baffles me; I simply cannot think of any reason why it couldn’t connect, but as I’ve said, I’ve tried every security setting the 3DS offers, including no security, and nothing works.  I actually updated the device at a free wireless network at a doctor’s office.  Insane!


Game Producer Quest, Part 05

Long time, no write so I guess I’ll talk about a wide range of items ranging from Games to sports.

NFL: Wasn’t sure what to make of the Giants this year (FYI: lifelong New York Giants fan).  Then again, I’m never sure what to make of them.  One thing I realized about the Giants in what I’ll call the Tom Coughlin / Eli Manning ear: they (in my opinion, of course) are wildly unpredictable.  As of today, they are 5-2 for the season.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they finish the season 9-7 or 10-6, squeak into the playoffs as a Wild Card, then make their way to the Super Bowl and win it all.  It just seems to be their MO.  In 2008, did anyone but the most die-hard Giants fan think they’d beat the Patriots, who were supposed to be undefeated that year?  (Note that I’m not talking about rooting for the team; I obviously hoped that they’d beat the Patriots, but I honestly thought they’d lose).  And I thought the revenge factor would be greater for the Patriots last year, but again the Giants pulled off the win.  Come to think of it, if I lived anywhere near Vegas, I should have put down money on the Giants last year.

But I digress…

NBA: Preseason has ended, and the Boston Celtics (FYI: lifelong Boston Celtics fan) are looking pretty good.  Regarding the Ray Allen situation, I may be in the minority here, but I don’t mind him leaving.  I’m thankful for the contributions he made to the team, but his legs are shot, his lateral movement reminds me of Derek Fisher, which is to say there’s not much lateral movement to be had, making him a liability on defense.  Also, to be frank, I think he’s a better fit in Miami.  He can’t free himself by running of screens the way he used to, so it’ll be easier for him to have LeBron penetrate and kick out to him as he spots up for a three.

Regarding the team as they are now, their preseason record is technically not great, but I’m fine with that.  They’re a team with a ton of depth, except at the point guard position.  If Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce can remain healthy for the season (i.e. limit their minutes), and the team remains mostly industry free, I anticipate another deep run in the playoffs.  Last year, I don’t think anyone thought they’d make it as far as they did, so unless something strange happens, I think they’re better equipped to not only repeat that performance, but exceed it.

Gaming with Kinect: This past April, I upgraded my Xbox because: 1.) I wanted a 320 GB hard drive, 2.) I wanted the slimmer, quitter refreshed hardware…oh so refreshing!, and 3.) I wanted an Xbox with a working HDMI port.  It would have cost me $99 to fix the HDMI port on my old console, which annoys me greatly.  To top that all off, I did want a Kinect; I had tried Kinect at some friends homes, and it was surprisingly fun.  However, my tiny apartment at the time was not conducive to setting up the Kinect, so it remained packaged until I recently moved back into my folks home.  Since they actually have a television, and sufficient space in the family room, I set up my Xbox and Kinect in there.  I was surprised to find out that the various exercise games are…well, as hard as you make it.  If you push yourself, you will sweat, breathe heavy, and feel sore so it can definitely have a place in someone’s fitness routine.  Kinect Sports can definitely be family fun for most people.  No comment about the Star Wars Kinect game however…I’m thinking the next version of the Kinect would be better for such a game.  Overall, it’s worth owning, though it won’t replace a Halo or Gears of war experience.