Game Producer Quest, Part 04

So two Friday’s ago, I officially graduated from Full Sail Univeristy with a Master of Science in Game Design.  The title is misleading as it is actually a degree in game production.  While I have an idea why Full Sail doesn’t change the name of the degree program, by the end of the day it’s not my choice to make.

Originally, I was supposed to graduate this past December 2011, but issues with the thesis I wrote kept that from happening.  There were a number of mistakes I made in the process.  The first being the subject matter; my background is in music and in retrospect, I should have done something music oriented.  Instead, I chose a topic that involved episodic games and comic books.  That probably sounds much cooler than it really is, as it involved me researching a topic that I’m much less an expert on, which is writing.  I don’t consider myself a writer, and thus the problems began.  In retrospect…

C’est la vie.  I can live with that.  However, with all this said, I can’t say I feel very…accomplished now that I have this degree, and I can’t quite identify why that is.  I don’t feel sad, I simply don’t feel accomplished.  Heck, I was the valedictorian of my class, and yet I don’t feel proud.  I fully acknowledge that I should feel proud and accomplished, and yet I don’t.  Again, I’m not sure why, except that I felt similar feelings from when I graduated with my bachelor’s ages ago.

Perhaps one of the contributing factors is the quality of education, except that for the most part it was pretty good at Full Sail.  Like most programs, there are a few great classes, mostly good classes, and a few poor classes.  I feel most programs fall in this mold, with the extreme examples on both ends of the spectrum; the ‘truly’ great programs (not advertised to be great, but actually great in every aspect) as well as the truly poor.  Full Sail was fine for what it was.  I learned a lot, and though there were some issues, I enjoyed my time here, the training I received, and the new friendships I made.

There have to be other contributing factors as to why I feel so unaccomplished with this degree, but I’ll identify and possibly share them at a later date.  For now, I am on the restless side of things.  Job hunting must become the priority from this point on.  There are some exciting (in my mind) projects that I am putting myself through.  The first is rebuilding my PC.  It was something I wanted to do for awhile, adding SSD drives, a newer more modern video card, and more memory to increase productivity.  More specifically, I feel I can multitask much more easily with this type of investment, so that will be fun.

To add to my new master’s degree, I also recently became a certified ScrumMaster, which should contribute to making me a more attractive prospect as a producer in the game industry, as many companies use and or are adopting scrum to a certain degree.  If you’re interested, check out scrumalliance.

I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a new 360 for awhile ever since the slim was unveiled a few years back.  I finally did so recently with the Star Wars Kinect bundle.  I don’t have much hope for the actual Star Wars kinect game, but everything else hardware-wise is exactly what I want, from the 320GB harddrive to the build-in wireless adapter to an actual kinect.  I’ve played kinect a few times at other people’s places, and I think it will be a fun peripheral if nothing else.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it before, but I am looking forward to playing the XBox 360 version of the Witcher 2.  I found the gameplay on the PC version to be more than fine and fun, and I’m curious about how the transition of that gameplay to console will fare.  This situation reminds of the differences in gameplay between the PC and console versions of Dragon Age: Origins.  In my opinion for this specific game, quite simply, the PC version is superior in terms of control and feel.  I think I may have blogged about this topic before, but it will be interesting to see these differences in action for the Witcher 2.  I may even devote an entire, future blog post to this.

In Bioware news, it looks like Mass Effect 3’s ending will get patched to some degree.  I’ll take a wait and see approach to this news.  Personally, I am hoping that many of the questions and ensuing confusion that were raised by the original ending will be answered here.  Then again…