Game Developer’s Conference Quest 2012, Part 3

The journey home from GDC 2012 begins today.

So I pulled a rather bonehead move, and forgot to empty my blender bottle, which was full of water.  My options after I had gone through the security gate were to let it be confiscated, or to go through the gate for a second time, with the bottle empty (or consumed).  Even though I had plenty of time to spare, I had no great desire to go through the security gate again, so I let them have it.  Looks like I’ll need to invest in another blender bottle.  Le sigh…

I have a connecting flight in Phoenix, and won’t be back in Orlando until 12:20 AM Sunday morning, assuming the flight is on time.  Considering driving time, and I probably won’t be back home until 2:00 AM.  C’est la vie.  Still, it’ll be good to be back home.  And until then, I have my Nintendo 3DS and Game Developer magazines to keep me company.

Oh, and quick note about Mass Effect 3.  I read on eurogamer that the PS3 version suffers from framerate issues.  While not as gamebreaking as Skyrim, it can probably be annoying for Sony enthusiasts.  A part of me can understand player frustration, but to make blanket comments about how Bioware should have optimized PS3 performance is a bit much.  Heck, the only games that really truly demonstrate optimized PS3 performance are PS3 exclusives.  Crossplatform development can be a bit trickier, and with x amount of resources to invest (even if x amount is huge) doesn’t necessarily mean perfect performance across all platforms.  A sad, yet understandable truth, I suppose.


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