Game Developer’s Quest 2012, Part 1

So I was planning to return to blogging with daily entries of my experience at the Game Developer Conference.  It’s my first one ever, and that alone makes it all exciting.

However, the wi-fi at the hotel I’m staying at is virtually non-existent.  I try logging into the wi-fi, and I’m the log-in screen just loads…and loads…and loads…le sigh…

Perhaps I should have anticipated this, as the hotel is an older, historic hotel.  Still, it is frustrating.

So what I’ll do is write my thoughts daily below, then throw it all into one super-long blog that I’ll post at my earliest convenience.

Sunday, 3/4/2012

It’s been forever since I last wrote a blog post, but I thought tonight would be the perfect time to restart, as I’m in San Francisco to attend my first ever Game Developer Conference.  It’s exciting, but not without some pressure.  I’m hoping to network and make some great contacts in the game industry, which in turn will lead to potential job prospects.

In the meantime, the flight from Florida today felt long.  The good news is that there were no connecting flights.  The bad news is that there were two stops en route to San Francisco, first at St. Louis, then Denver.

Looking forward to day one of the conference tomorrow.  More blogging then…

Monday, 3/5/2012

The first day of GDC was fun and informative.  When I complete my Masters at Full Sail University, it is my intention to become a certified Scrum master.  I attended a Scrum essentials talk hosted by Clinton Keith and Scott Crabtree.  The Scrum parts were informative and served as a good primer for my future interests.  Meanwhile, Scott mentioned many things that I already learned from my music education / choral conductor days.  Still, he put a scientific twist on the whole thing, which I can appreciate.

Also got to meet up with some Full Sail friends and classmates.  Fun times indeed!  Anyways, more blogging tomorrow…

Tuesday, 3/6/2012

Another fun and informative day here at GDC.  Spent some more time with former Full Sail classmates.  In fact, one of them was just hired to be a production assistant at Bungie, so congratulations to him.  Today’s talk was a Producer Boot Camp, and has a plethora of speaker share their insight and experience on the subject.  Again, similar to yesterday, there were many things mentioned that I had already learned from music education, but there were also some new items, or a different twist on similar topics that piqued my curiosity.

The conference feels like it’s farther along than it really is for me, but in any event, many of the tutorials, filling the entire day, are complete.  Instead, we have shorter sessions, with many to choose from.  In fact, there are quite a few occurring during the same time slot, and I’ll have choose carefully.

Wednesday, 3/7/2012

Attended talks by Sid Meier & Tim Schafer today; real cool stuff.  Sid talked about game design from a very broad view, sharing his insights into things we should talk about.  For example, supplying interesting decisions for the players to make during gameplay.  Tim Schafer spoke about some of the smaller games his company, Double Fine, had done in recent years.  Also, while the names evade me, I did attend a talk by an artist from Rocksteady who worked on Batman: Akrham Asylum & Batman: Arkham City, as well as a talk by a software engineer at Bioware, Edmonton, which is essentially my dream company to work for.

Thursday, 3/8/2012

So I got smart and brought my laptop to the Moscone Center to use their infinitely better wi-fi so I can make these blog posts.  I haven’t attended anything as of yet, but I’ll attend to the career expo in about 10 minutes or so.  I’ll post again tomorrow if I get to attend any talks.



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