UX Lab Quest, Part 16

Welcome to the penultimate blog regarding the UX lab.  My time in the UX lab is coming to an end.  Sadly, I won’t be graduating on time due to thesis defense ineligibility.  As nothing is perfect, there are certain aspects of the thesis process that I think can be better, but I myself also made a couple of errors going about it.  Perhaps the biggest error I made was overestimating my ability to do / complete new research while the internship was ongoing.  I would go home after having put in a full day of work, and being so exhausted, doze off while doing my research.

C’est la vie…hence the title of this blog: then again, I’ve been wrong again.

Still, I think I can pull of January graduation, so one month off isn’t too bad.  My internship ends next week, so I’ll have plenty of time to focus 100% of my energies towards the thesis.  And at least the foundation is pretty good, I just need to somehow take it to another level.

As for the lab, last month we had two producers leave, and this month we have another two in myself and Brian.  Change is inevitable.  Resistance is futile.

For this week, I finally completed the curriculum for mission 10.  I had to create additional diagrams and additional instructions, as the success of the mission depends on the student being able to do the math successfully.  In a nutshell, the player is given two coordinates in the form of two vectors.  The player must calculate both distance and angle (to approximate direction) to identify where to drop paratroopers.  Fun times.  As my time here comes to an end, some of my responsibilities have already shifted / transitioned to new producers, making the process as painless and smooth as possible.  Again, fun times.


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