Game Industry Quest, Part 16

Post-Thanksgiving, I’ve actually had time to play games, which almost feels strange after spending so much time refraining from them.  I look at my massive backlog at the moment: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, Gears of War 3, and many more that are slipping my mind at the moment.  Simply due to timing, the game of choice has been Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Despite all the issues that have come to light regarding the game, it’s still a terrific, fun game that hits that Elder Scrolls itch.

As per tradition starting with Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, I play with an Orc named Hulk.  Generally, he smashes things and has an adventurous spirit, accepting any quest given to him.

Last night, I was in a mood to try new things, so I created a new character.  A Nord sword-and-shield guy who I intend to also train in archery, and some slight conjuration for glowing bound weapons.  Fun times just to see how fun this kind of build can be.  I can already say that blocking with a two-handed weapon (which Hulk does) vs. blocking with a shield really feels different, as does running around with light armor vs. heavy armor.

That’s not to say things are perfect.  In fact, I discovered a sad thing about the game that has occurred since Morrowind that I had hoped had changed.  Unfortunately, multiple characters all save in the exact same file.  Even auto saves will be rewritten depending on which character you play with, though I’m sure you can turn auto save off in the options menu.

Skyrim Orc

Hey you! Get out of my save file!

Skyrim Nord

I SAY THEE NAY! There's only room for one Skyrim character here! VERILY, I SAY THEE...NEVER!

Now, one can argue that this is one reason to keep multiple saves, which is is something I’ve done since playing old Sierra games.  That’s really not the point.  It’s just in my honest opinion bad design to have multiple characters save to the same place.  It makes things clunky, and really discourages playing with multiple characters.

I can forgive the many glitches that plague the game.  In my mind, games have grown to the level of complexity where glitches are unavoidable.  That’s not to say Bethesda should not be incorporating strong quality assurance testing into the production of their games.  It’s just that in a game this vast and massive in scope, gamers will find things that others will miss.  However, with all this said, is it too much to ask to have multiple characters in their own separate universes via separate folders?  Perhaps…then again, I’ve been wrong before.


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