Game Industry Quest, Part 15

I’m actually surprised that there’s no high profile releases for the week.  In my opinion, this Fall has seen the video game market saturated with tons of great, fun games that for the thrifty, make it very tough to decide what to spend money on.  With money being so tight in this economy, it can admittedly be hard for many families and hardcore gamers to decide where to invest their money in their entertainment.

I’ve bought many, many games this past Fall, with many that I simply have not played due to time.  It’s making me think that perhaps I should have held off on many of the games I got.  After all, with no time to play, why invest?

Then again, there’s another part of me that thinks that as a future video game producer, with some occasional design aspirations as well, I should be playing these games.  Think about it in terms of design: why did they place these enemies in this area?  Why is the platforming designed in this manner?  Is everything feel balanced when playing?  There is a double-sided sword trying to analyze games in this manner though; accuracy depends largely on personal biases.  Franchises you love, you’ll be biased towards, and others that your dislike, you may not be entirely fair and balanced in the opinion of the gameplay.  It’s an interesting conundrum, and it would be beneficial for everyone to work towards developing as balanced a view as possible in everything that’s done.


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