UX Lab Quest, Part 14

In the previous, I mentioned how the tides of change had swept the UX lab with losing producers to graduating.  I now wish to talk about comings, and the new personnel that have joined us in the UX lab.  Interestingly enough, this week will be their first full week.  They officially started last Monday, but the Thanksgiving holidays cut the week short, so they only worked two days.

Three new producers have joined the UX lab.  An influx of fresh talent is always a good thing.  In no particular order, the first producer I’ll mention is Vance Banks.  I actually met Vance quite awhile ago in the Full Sail GDMS program.  His exact background evades me, but he brings a good skillset to the lab.  For example, he’s skilled at using a program called 3DS Max, and we use stripped down version of said program called GMax to insert our 3D art into Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  The second, Eddy Lin, is native Chinese, though from where exactly evades my feeble memory at the moment.  I believe he has a statistics background.  He’s a tad on the shy side, though it could be a language barrier issue.  To be fair, I think his English is fine.  I’ve certainly heard worse from people where English is their second language.  The third, Frank Reed, is from Colorado I believe has a business background.  All three people are good natured people with a sense of humor, smart, work hard, and have good attention for detail.  I think all three will grow very well with this internship.  They’ll be pushed, but they’ll also gain a lot from it.


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