Game Industry Quest, Part 14

I was busy working at home when the UPS man knocked on my door to deliver a package.  I dutifully answered his knocking, signed for, and received a rather large box.  I knew it wasn’t a box of supplements, so my mind was racing, wondering what can be so big.  Opening the box revealed it’s contents: the collector’s edition for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In a word: HUGE!  I’m suddenly wondering where exactly I will fit this beast when it comes time to move…anyways, this was obviously 17 days ago on on 11/11/2011, the date Skyrim released.  Due to an insane amount of work and a great deal of dedication and sacrifice by me, I actually did not play the game until this past weekend for the first time.  It’s quite a fun game, with great music and atmosphere.  As is custom with Elder Scrolls games, I created an Orc named Hulk, a berserker warrior with little patience for anything.  Also, I typically travel everywhere by foot in these types of games to increase immersion, but due to time constraints with work responsibilities, and found myself fast-travelling more often than not.  I also remember how encumbrance became the bane of my existence, as I typically love to loot everything to sell off, and when there is something I am unable to take, it frustrates me to no end.  Especially if the item in question is something I feel I’ve earned.

Getting off games for a moment, I do hope that I will see positive results from all the work I’ve been doing as of late that has kept me up late at night, trying to be perfect with every single detail.  Then again, lately I’ve adopted the policy of “hope for the best, expect the worst.”  Arguably sad, but true at the moment.

It’s a shame I can’t just take my war-hammer, and like Hulk the Dragonborn Orc, power attack all my problems.  Life would be so much easier.


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