Game Industry Quest, Part 13

There were a number of high profile game releases last week.  On the console side of things, we have the XBox 360 exclusive Halo: Combat Evolved: Anniversary Edition from 343 Studios.  I can’t say I love Halo the way others do, though it’s definitely one of my favorite FPS games, when I’m in the mood to play an FPS.

Halo: Anniversary Edition

*Chants Halo Theme*

Moving onto a multiplatform release, we had Saints Row: The Third.  The first Saints Row was fun, though once the main campaign ended I was more or less done.  Saints Row 2 was fun, but I didn’t even finish the campaign for that game.  Saints Row: The Third looks ridiculous.

Saints Row: The Third

Insanely silly...there are no words...

I took a moment to download the character creator, and the customization options are both numerous and extremely silly.  Case in point, I made the Incredible Hulk with spiky anime hair.  What other game allows that?  That alone has pushed this game to a must buy for me.  However, I won’t be getting the game immediately, as my backlog of games must be played first before I get into anything new.  Still, Saints Row: The Third is something I’ll definitely pick up.

Of course, there’s one more game that released closer to the end of last week that as of this writing, has a 95 out of 100 on metacritic.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword FTW!

I actually just bought a Nintendo Wii, though not for the sole purpose of playing this game.  That’s not to say this game was a key influence in the decision. The reason I decided to buy the Wii is that Nintendo has re-designed the Wii for the Holidays.  It’s now smaller…and no longer backwards compatible with Gamecube games and controllers.  My desire to have that backwards compatibility prompted me to get a Wii before everyone runs out of stock of the last iteration.  It should be arriving today in the mail; also soon to arrive in the mail should be Skyward Sword.

Now if only I can tear myself away from Dark Souls to play anything else…


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