Game Industry Quest, Part 12

There’s quite a number of things to write about today, but perhaps the first thing I’ll mention is the cool event I came from less than an hour ago.   At Full Sail University, in your final months, if your Global Professionalism Standards (GPS) score is high enough, you occasionally are invited to what’s called a Green Room event, where an industry professional will talk to you.  It’s both a networking and educational opportunity, so it’s really quite cool in those regards.  It’s on a first come, first serve basis with limited seating, so I feel fortunate to be able to attend.  MY GPS score is currently 122; I have no idea how that compares to my other classmates, whether that’s high or low, but it was good enough to get me an invitation.

Our industry professional for the Green Room was Cordy Rierson, a Full Sail Graduate who’s had a long, great career in film, television, and games.  Usually, when one mentions transmedia, one applies that to an intellectual property, but talk about someone who’s worked in production in multiple entertainment genres, that would be Cordy.  She’s on the board of director’s for IGDA, and currently works for Microsoft in a number of different capacities.  The big three things she does is university relations, Kinect Fun Labs, and  She shared her insight and expertise acquired from her experiences, and presented herself incredibly well.

Incidentally, three traits she looks for in potential hires are: passion, critical thinking skills, and communication.

We all had an opportunity to ask questions.  I had taken the time to think of several before the Green Room event, though many of those were asked by others.  I eventually got to ask her what she would recommend with regards to maintaining contact with your networking contacts.  This is something I’ve always wondered about, since networking is emphasized so much in the entertainment industry.  With that said, how often should you email / contact that president of so-and-so company you met yesterday?  Daily?  Weekly?  Bi-weekly?  What she recommended was contacting people using industry conferences as the base schedule.  So get in touch with someone to find out if they’re going to attend the Game Developer’s Conference for example, and see if he / she is available for face time.

I also asked about project manager and scrum certifications, both of which she said were very good ideas.  Both are expensive however, and add to that how expensive conferences are, and I’m going to have to pick and choose my battles carefully.

In the end, she was accepting resumes / business cards, which I gladly handed her both of mine.  She had mentioned her interest in singing before she went to school for film, so I wonder what she’ll think about my music background…

Onto the world of games, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has the lab ablaze with excitement.


Oh, how I wish I had time to play thee...

My first Elder Scrolls game was Morrowind on the original XBox.  I still remember the classic Elder Scrolls theme.  It was serene and peaceful, yet it somehow, some way transported you to another world.  For me personally, this is a great example of just how powerful any single element of a game (gameplay, graphics, audio, etc.) can be.

If I remember, I’ll try to post more about the Elder Scrolls series in an upcoming blog.  I feel like I’ve rambled long enough…for now.


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