Game Industry Quest, Part 11

I put off writing this post until today for one reason: Grand Theft Auto V.  Last week, Rockstar announced the debut of the trailer for today.  Not surprisingly, it looks impressive to say the least.  Actually, amazing would be a better word.  No release date advertised, but this teaser is certainly enough to get people interested, excited even.  It appears to be set in the GTA universe version of Los Angeles, Los Santos.

In game release news, yesterday Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception from Naughty Dog was released.

Uncharted 3 for Sony PS3

One of Sony's exclusives for the PS3 that showcase the power / potential of the console.

Sadly, the I missed signing for the game from the UPS man yesterday, but even if I had, I wouldn’t have had time to play it anyways.  The backlog of games continues to grow.

This is actually a theme I’d like to explore more in depth in a future blog; the idea of being so busy that one amasses a pile of games that remain untouched.  I would explore it today, except that I’m feeling remarkably fatigued at the moment.

In other final news, I’m very happy to see the only game I’m making time (purposely losing sleep) to play for 15-30 minute snippets at a time, Dark Souls, has sold 1.5 million units worldwide.  The experience of playing the game, and failing constantly, dying repeatedly, is somehow, someway cathartic in a way that I cannot explain in greater detail.  Perhaps this excellent article from gamasutra regarding Dark Souls game design will be more illuminating.


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