UX Lab Quest, Part 11

Par for the course…

This past Thursday was the due date for mission 8, and we failed to deliver, unfortunately,  Issues with the build persisted well into the night, and not only was an all-nighter pulled, but I personally stuck around until 3:00 PM, where I finally went home to force myself to stay awake, simply because I did not want to ruin my sleep patterns,.

To top that all off, the producers came for several additional hours on Saturday.  The good news is that the mission is done, but unfortunately, I can feel the all-nighter still affecting my body.  Despite getting a solid 8+ hours of sleep last night, I’m feeling really tired at the moment.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling this tiredness will affect me for the next couple of days.

C’est la vie, I suppose.

I mentioned in my previous UX lab post that I’ve picked up some additional responsibilities.  We had 11 new artists join the team, and though in essence all the producers manage them, in terms of assigning art assets to create, tracking their work hours, and updating documentation with regards to these hours; that will all be mine to handle.  Fun times…


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