UX Lab Quest, Part 10

It’s been a good beginning to the work week thus far.  We’ll be adding a whopping 14 new artists to the team beginning tomorrow.  I’ve added to my responsibilities in that I’ll track their hours, update the artist schedule and artist burndowns.  I’m able to add to my plate in this manner as my final class (marketing) ended last Thursday.

We’ve got a deliverable, mission 8, due this coming Thursday.  I’ve already started the curriculum Powerpoint for that, which is good as today I was somewhat sidetracked with a different assignment.  With other producers busy designing missions, I’ve compiled a list of assets for our new, incoming artists, quickly looking over landmarks for six different American cities: St. Louis, Tampa, New Orleans, Charleston, Seattle, and San Diego.

This actually is part of a larger theme I emphasized in a required presentation I had to give last Friday.  My classmate and fellow producer in the UX lab, Brian, had to give our month 3 presentation.  We will have an additional month 5 presentation, when the internship ends for us both.  I spent an entire slide talking about change, and how it is not only inevitable, but being a producer will test one’s ability to display adaptability and handle change.  Tying change into today, I had planned to work on curriculum all day, but instead I acquired some additional responsibilities, which I welcome.

For now…


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