UX Lab Quest, Part 08

Par for the course, the mission 6 deliverable was completed at 4:30 AM last Friday.  Doing late to all-nighters on a 1 1/2 week basis is admittedly becoming tiresome and frustrating.  The good news is that our mission 7 deliverable, due next Monday, is already close to completion.  In theory this will build up a lead time, but because producers are assigned to design missions as opposed to all producers working on one mission at a time, I find myself questioning exactly how much lead time this will actually create.

Due to having a class simultaneously with internship, things have been quite busy.  After not playing games for weeks, I did break down and play quite a bit this past weekend.  I question the wisdom in doing so, as I have much work to do, but c’est la vie.

Looking forward to the week though.  I only have four my class sessions remaining before my final class of the program is complete.  It’s been a really good class.  Marketing seems like common sense, but there’s more to it then people think and like many things it comes down to practice and execution.


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