Game Industry Quest, Part 07

Last week Amazon unveiled their revamped Kindle lineup, including their version of the tablet PC, the Kindle Fire.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle en Fuego!

Later in the week, estimates were made that Amazon is selling this product at a loss; ~ $210 to produce, $199 selling price.  Various business people have stated that in terms of strategy, this is okay, because the device itself will ease buying goods from Amazon for the consumer, and in theory encourage such behavior.

What I’m most interested about is how the device will impact the game industry.  We’ve seen how mobile devices have encouraged a sort of Renaissance for independent developers that simply cannot afford to produce a $40-$60 million dollar game.  Will the Kindle Fire expand the gaming audience base?  How well does the device run games like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope?

Only time will be able to answer these questions, but if I had to predict answers, I would say that it will expand the gaming audience quite a bit, simply because the price point for the Kindle Fire is so low for a tablet PC.  In comparison, the least expensive iPad 2 is $499.  Furthermore, I’m sure gaming on the Kindle Fire runs games quite fine.  Truth be told, what gets me more excited about the device is that Amazon will have some exclusive comic book graphic novels available for the device, which sounds awesome.

It probably sounds like I will get the device, but truth be told, I’m waiting for the iPad 3 before deciding on which tablet PC is for me.  In the meantime, I am content to sit back and see how the tablet PC wars unfold.


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