Game Industry Quest, Part 06

I wanted to get an early start on blogging this week, as the next two weeks will likely be filled with little sleep.  There’s simply too much work to be done on my end.  Besides, the news item I wanted to talk about appeared yesterday.

On December 20, 2011, my life will change in some way, shape, or form.  That’s because Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released in North America.  Interestingly enough, that’s the day I should be graduating from the Master’s program I’m in unless I mess something up, a possibility that I’m hoping will be minimized over the coming weeks.

I mentioned in previous posts that I’ve stayed away from the lure of MMO’s.  I’ve stayed away from World of Warcraft, Eve Online, DC Universe Online, etc.  Yet my faith in Bioware to make a great game has compelled me to take the final plunge into the eternal abyss that is the MMO RPG.

My only hope is that my body and soul emerge unscathed and relatively intact.  I don’t want to be that person that lives off fast food, never sees the sunlight, and basically hibernates at home.  That would be…disastrous.

Something related to gaming that I’ve been meaning to mention is the announcement by Razer, a company that specialized in gaming input devices like mice and keyboards.  Anyways, they’ve announced that they would be releasing a gaming laptop called the Razer Blade.

The Razer Blade

I've never said this about a laptop before, but in my opinion this thing looks sexy as hell.

Everything about the laptop can be found at the link I posted, but being lightweight (under 7 pounds), portable (less than an inch thick), and having an innovative touchscreen interface makes me…happy somehow.  The price tag is rather much ($2,700.00 USD), but then again, the laptop I received for school has given me consistent headaches, and I wouldn’t mind saving up for what looks to me like a beautiful piece of hardware.

I figure I’d end with an anecdote that shows what a bonehead I can be at times.  I accidentally had Gears of War 3 shipped to my parents home instead of my apartment.  I don’t want to believe I made such a mistake, and yet there it is.  I’m not keen on having it shipped here, as it’s big and bulky (read: expensive to ship) being the Epic edition of the game, filled with gratuitous schwag that somehow tickles my inner geek.

Hopefully, I can keep such bonehead maneuvers out of my schoolwork over the next few weeks, and build some momentum towards accomplishing something worthwhile.


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