UX Lab Quest, Part 05

The end of last week resulted in the delivery of Mission 4 (due last Thursday).  Technically, it was around six hours late (delivered Friday ), as an all-nighter was required to finish the mission.  It was interesting to see the sunrise while driving home, only to return to the UX lab approximately 90 minutes later to open the lab early to ensure any artists that wish to come in early may do so.  I ended up leaving around noon for a weekend of more schoolwork.

I had mentioned in my part 5 of my game industry quest blog that I haven’t even cracked open Deus Ex, and will probably not play Gears of War 3 when it arrives.  I was thinking for the good of my sanity that just starting Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be good, and probably actually increase my productivity in the long run.

I received some feedback on my mission 4 curriculum Powerpoint from the program director of education media design & technology here at Full Sail University, who had kindly agreed to donate some time to looking over my work and providing feedback.  I’ll likely incorporate her feedback in future versions of the curriculum Powerpoint, like the mission 5 one I’m working on now.  If I finish it early, I’ll likely retroactively work on previous curriculum mission Powerpoints.


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