UX Lab Quest, Part 04

This week is pretty busy as we collectively prepare mission 4.  Unfortunately, this mission was originally designed by a producer who has graduated two weeks ago.  The mission he submitted to us is being currently evaluated.  The full deliverable is due this coming Thursday.

Among my responsibilities is to produce the curriculum Powerpoint.  Unfortunately, I’m finding things are taking more time than usual.  Even though I’m more or less using the same format, trying to hit different educational standards and think of different things to do is growing more challenging.  It would be easy to use the exact same curriculum every mission, but I’m fairly certain that’s not the point of this curriculum development.

Also, I’ll probably devote some additional time into trying to learn Scenario Builder.  Previous attempts have failed for various reasons unknown to me.  However, if successful, this could potentially make mission creation easier for all involved.  Though with that said, a more intensive look won’t be feasible until my thesis is in stronger shape.  To that effect, I intend to actually put in the required hours and no more over the next 2-3 weeks while I do more research and try to get my thesis to an acceptable quality.


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