UX Lab Quest, Part 03

I originally wasn’t planning to post anything until later in the week, as I’m actually in my apartment at the moment taking a break from thesis research.  I use the term “break” loosely, as taking a break from one form of work to do another form of work seems to conflict one another.  At least in my mind it does.

The Labor Day long weekend extends into Tuesday for me, so with this extra day off, I’m hoping to get some thesis work done and some extra sleep to retain my mental health.  Unfortunately, when I return to the lab tomorrow, the day will be pretty busy, as the deliverable for mission three will be due.  On my end, the curriculum Powerpoint I’ve been working on should be completed by early afternoon.  From that point on, I usually stick around for moral support, though I’ll have to leave at some point to sign for a package from UPS.  For whatever reason, they don’t leave it at my door and office management at my apartment doesn’t accept holding packages.

But I digress; if the mission is not done by late afternoon, I’ll leave and come back, maybe bring some pizza.  Again, moral support; for my money, and this is solely my opinion, but when working with a team of people, it’s important to me to be there for them in person as much as humanly possible.  Natural or family emergencies trump this, but in that case I’ll be there in spirit.  And under the current circumstances, I anticipate neither happening.

The actual mission itself at its most basic level involves following the Red Baron on a training mission.  Some enemies show up, but being a training mission, the Red Baron and his young trainee (the player) must flee, taking advantage of the terrain to get away from the enemy.

I did not mention this before, but now is a time of transition.  The student who acted as lab manager has officially graduated, and has now been offered a job from one of the stakeholders in the NFA Project, TEQGames.  My understanding is that if he accepts the position, he’ll continue working on the project in some capacity.  While I am not privy to certain details (salary, work hours, work schedule, benefits, etc.), I personally hope he accepts the position.  When I ask myself the simple question: “What’s best for the NFA Project?” his involvement comes to mind rather quickly.  His smarts and skill set fit rather well into the project, and certainly much better than my own skill set.

Also, another producer has graduated as well.  I know that he may have a job offer involving a project he was involved with in his final month of internship, but I cannot mention more due to NDA and what not.  In any event, I hope he’s doing well, and maybe we’ll grab another bowl of delicious, delicious pho if and when fate brings us together again.

Pho (pronounced "fuh"

Insanely delicious Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Did I mention it's insanely delicious?

And now I’m hungry.


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