In the Beginning…Part 33 1/3

So here’s where I make a confession: after years of loyalty to the Sega brand, I became a double agent of sorts, with the acquisition of a Nintendo Gameboy.

The Nintendo Gameboy

Tetris FTW!

Super Mario World and Tetris were all I needed to make me happy, and despite the severe lack of color, I remember that not being a detriment to the fun the system provided.  And let’s not forget the portability aspect of the whole thing.  Four AA batteries provided sufficient power for hours of gaming.

Moving back into consoles though, one may think I got the Sega CD or Sega Saturn, but it was around this time that my family and I got a Nintendo 64 around Christmas time.


Mario graduates side-scrolling school!

Super Mario 64 blew my mind at the time, in a good way of course.  The idea of moving a character in three dimensions was proven with this game.  And of course, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a classic, and one of my favorite action-adventure games ever, despite Navi’s constant nagging.

Moving forward, Sony’s entry into the video game industry with the Sony Playstation proved to be fortuitous for the hardware giant.  I got a Playstation fairly late in its’ life-cycle, somewhere around 1999/2000. At the time, people were ranting and raving about Final Fantasy 7, and I admittedly wanted to join the party.

Sony Playstation

Spinning CD's FTW!

Interestingly, my first game was actually Final Fantasy 8, which was released somewhere around the time I bought the console.  While the game itself was pretty fun, with impressive (at the time) cut scenes, I found myself spending more time with Vagrant Story, Spider-Man, and Front Mission 3.

At some point, I upgraded my Gameboy to a Gameboy Color, specifically the Pokemon Yellow bundle that was sold at the time, primarily because I heard it was a good game, though I’m admittedly not the biggest Pokemon fan.

Gameboy Color Pikachu Edition

Pika Pika! Piiikaaachuuu!

While Pokemon Yellow (I miss my Pikachu and Zubat) was a good game, I remember getting stuck at some point and never completing the game.  I also remember not being terribly fond of the color screen, as it was not backlit and thus made the colors look…dull for lack of a better word.

Moving back to the world of consoles, my brother and I got a Sega Dreamcast fairly early on in its life-cycle, still somewhat loyal to the brand (though not completely so).  Still, it really was a terrific console to have, with lots of fun games to play.

The Sega Dreamcast

Oh Dreamcast, how I miss thee!

Crazy Taxi, Grandia 2, and my personal favorite, Shenmue, took up most of my gaming time on this particular console.  With regards to Shenmue, a part of me is still hopeful that its’ story will be completed one day in some way, shape, or form.

Originally, I had planned for these introductory posts to be divided into thirds, but I think I forgot to take into account handheld systems, which is ballooning my posts more than I would have thought.  So I’ll push my entry into the modern era of consoles for next time, and perhaps save a fifth entry dedicated to PC gaming, as I grew up playing games on both consoles and PC.


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