In the Beginning…Part 2 1/2

When I first arrived at Full Sail University, the first thing that came to my mind was the size of the school.  In comparison to my undergraduate college (University of Connecticut), it’s quite a ways smaller.  Still, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the quality of education I’ve received thus far at least rivals that of my alma mater.  Not to say things are perfect, but are they ever?

So let’s rewind a bit and discuss my first console: behold the Magnavox Odyssey^2

Let the games begin!

My older brothers and I would enjoy playing the games on this thing for hours.  It was quite cool in its day.  A part of me wishes I could capture some screenshots from some of my favorite games, but that’s simply not feasible at the moment.  There are a few to be found on the internet, but the resolution is tiny to say the least.

But I digress; the next console of my youth was the Sega Master System.

In all its heavenly glory!

Interestingly enough, the kids in my neighborhood had a Nintendo Entertainment System (lovingly referred to as ‘Nintendo’).  I remember being somewhat jealous of some of their games, as they seemed to have a much larger selection than I.  Still, afternoons playing Rocky, Rambo, and Alex Kidd in Miracle World were great fun.  Sadly, the one game I wanted to play the most, Phantasy Star, I never had the opportunity to play.

With everyone’s respective sides chosen, my next console was naturally the Sega Genesis, while the neighborhood kids played the Super Nintendo.

16-bit is twice as good as 8-bit!

NBA Jam, Super Street Fighter II, and NBA Live 94 were the games of choice, with an honorable mention to a lesser known fighter called Eternal Champions.  My oldest brother would beat me in that game all the time.  In any event, everyone else was playing Super Nintendo.  Still, I was loyal to my brand…or was I?



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