In the Beginning…Part Un

New beginnings.  That was what I was thinking as I drove down the highway towards Winter Park, Florida.  A year-long accelerated graduate program awaited me in game design (though despite the title, it’s actually specializes in game production).

But why games?  Well, I guess this is me pursuing a dream job of sorts.  A feasible dream, as quarterback (football) or power forward (basketball) appear out of reach for an average height (5’9″), overweight (200+ pounds) Chinese Canadian American (I’ll explain it later…)  I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’ll put every iota of willpower into any task assigned to me.  So my task now was to learn as much as possible about game production, and hopefully become a professional in the games industry.

No problem, right?  (Don’t answer that!)

So where does this blog come in?  Well, truth be told, I’ve been thinking of writing a blog for ages, but paranoia kept me from doing so.  Hey, you can’t be too careful right?  Especially in the internet age, where identity theft runs rampant.  Case in point, someone just tried to use my credit card this past Monday.  Luckily, the fraud department caught it in an instant.  But I digress; I’m actually required to keep a blog now for school. Two blog posts a week, one related to the games industry in some way, shape or form, and the other one related to the project I’m currently a part of.

So this post can be considered the first part of an introductory post.  I’ll add another post discussing more about my lifetime playing games.

Welcome to my world.


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